Changes from Ravens@Patriots Week3 to Ravens@Patriots AFCCG

Since the 2009 regular season there has been a seesaw between the teams. Pat wins, Ravens win, Pats win, Ravens win. Now what? Well..

Week 3, the Ravens barely beat the Pats. They won by a last-second field goal that was allegedly made by Justin Tucker.

Week 3 was in Baltimore with replacement refs. The AFCCG will be in Foxboro with real refs.

In Week 3, the Pats blitzed 5 times. 4 of those times were with Mayo as the 5th rusher. They'll blitz more next Sunday.

In Week 3, our CB depth chart was Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington, Sterling Moore. Last week it was Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard, and Kyle Arrington.

In Week 3, our Safety depth chart was Patrick Chung, Steve Gregory, and Tavon Wilson. Last week it was Devin McCourty, Steve Gregory, and Tavon Wilson.

In Week 3 Danny Woodhead was our primary running-back. We'll see if he gets snaps over Ridley/Vereen this time around.

In Week 3, the O used Julian Edelman for some unsuccessful gimmicks. Now he's on IR and Deion Branch is ahead of him.

Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker had good games in Week 3 and with Baltimore's top CB since IRed there's no reason to think they won't have a good game again.

In Week 3 Logan Mankins was still looking inconsistent. Lately he's looked like his legendary self again.

In Week 3, the Pats had Rob Gronkowski but not Aaron Hernandez. Now the Pats will have Hernandez but no Gronkowski, who also missed a good portion of last year's AFCCG.

The Ravens will have McKinne back at LT like last year's AFCCG and Michael Oher therefore switched from LT back to his more natural RT.

The Ravens will also have Terrelle Suggs back.

In Week 3, the Ravens D did not miss a single tackle. The same couldn't be said for our D at the time.

It's questionable if Haloti Ngata is healthier now than he was in Week 3. Probably not. Ngata took advantage of a bad interior-OLine in Denver.

In Week 3, the Pats had no desire for revenge and no insults to get additional motivation from.

In Week 3 Devin McCourty had 2 dropped interceptions and Kyle Arrington somehow missed a gimme and didn't look 100% healthy. I bet they won't miss 3 interceptions again.

Did I miss anything?

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