Analysis of the D, they were good in 2012, elite since Talib...

Ok so prior to the break I will explain how I evaluate the defense in a means that calculates the effect an offense has on the defense. I hold the D responsible for TD drives of more than 60 yrs and FG drives of more than 40 yards. This means that in general when the opposing offense starts with better field position this is not held against the D. When the other team has good field position and scored a TD, 4 of those points count against the D as they could hold them to a field goal. Within these parameters I count and total per game the points the D is responsible for as well as the TD drives of 60+, FG drives of 40+ and the total drives the defense faced. Then dividing the points by the drives shows the points the D is allowing per drive. Based on evaluating the good and bad D's over the last few years, over 3 points per drive is awful, 2 is average and anything under 1 is all-world D. I have felt that since 00 and their SB that the Ravens D for a decade was best in the league and needed a way to show this, despite giving up points and never being the best in yardage they were strapped with one of the most inept offenses ever and faced almost 3-4 more drives per game than the average D did. So the results of this analysis are after the break.

Team Pts TD FG Drives Pts/Drive

Ten 13 1 2 11 1.2

Ari 13 1 2 13 1.0

Balt 31 4 1 10 3.1

Buff 24 3 0 16 1.5

Den 18 2 0 11 1.6

Sea 21 2 1 11 1.9

NYJ 21 2 3 12 1.8

STL 7 1 0 9 0.8

BYE - - - -

Buff 28 3 1 10 2.8

Ind 24 3 1 13 1.8

NYJ 17 2 1 12 1.4

Mia 13 1 2 11 1.2

Hou 11 1 0 13 0.8

SF 22 1 1 16 1.4

Jax 13 1 2 13 1.0

Mia 00 0 0 11 0.0

Total 276 28 17 192 1.4

Talib 76 6 6 76 1.0

Last year there were 4-6 games with pts/drive over 3 and almost every game was over 2. This year this defense is very much improved and very good. The 1.0 since Talib has been playing is elite in my opinion and if the offense doesn’t leave them out to dry like in SF, this D can keep the opponents to 20 points or less consistently. Last year you could see that TB, BB and company didn’t trust the D and knew they needed to put up points, this year, that has not been the case, if they take care of business and at least gain good field position for this D (from kickoffs is the best way) then they can feel confident that the D will keep the score low. Also looking at the beginning of the season, a lot of the scoring drives were low time of possession and due to big plays. There were not then and are not since Talib, long time consuming drives. The main difference Since Talib is they have eliminated the big plays and still rarely get beat on long sustained drives. This bodes very well for the playoffs. I will add more to this as I continue to analyze. I will also do the other AFC playoff teams if people want me to.

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