Possible Patriots in the Draft: John Jenkins, NT

Name: Jonathon Jenkins

Position: DT/NT

Size: 6'3" 358 lbs.

College: Georgia, SEC



Personally I am over yesterday's loss to the Ravens, but whenever I would be in a sad state of depression, I look to our future, and what we could do to improve our team.

The draft is one of my favorite events and monthly hobbies. So many prospects, and it's tough to not get excited for certain prospects that could end up on your favorite team that could push them over the limit.

Other than a couple other prospects, it's tough to say that no other player can provide that "push" that Jonathon Jenkins can provide for the Patriots interior DL. Yeah, his size is imposing, but I refuse to fall into the Terrence Cody crowd that spawned a few drafts ago. Reading CBS Draft, and watching the video, there are some things that I really enjoy seeing Jenkins alongside Wilfork (which would be a pleasant sight imo).

For one reason, it's his versatility. He can line up at NT, DE, or UT. That versatility, I'm sure you all know, will be really important in terms of certain lineups and formations. But that's not the big appeal here (okay I'll try to stop with the puns). For a guy his size, he has really good footwork, and can move along the line with potential ease. He has good push to be a good rusher in the inside, and is STOUT against the run. Sound like someone we may know?

Georgia also has Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree. It could be possible that because of Jenkins, that Ogletree and Jones have been getting many favorable matchups (speaking of Ogletree, if he does happen to slip to the Pats, we MUSt get him. Really good in coverage).

CBS Draft Profile


Blessed with great size and surprising overall athleticism, it should come as no surprise that Jenkins was one of the more highly regarded junior college prospects in the country when he left Gulf Coast Community College in 2009. Despite being the focus of every opponents' blocking scheme, Jenkins recorded 41 tackles and two sacks while with GCCC and was recruited by virtually every program in the country.

Jenkins made an immediate impact in the middle for the Bulldogs, appearing in 14 games and earning seven starts. He registered 28 tackles, including six tackles for loss and three sacks. The highlight of his junior season -- recording an interception that appeared to put Georgia in position to win the Outback Bowl -- also served as a lowlight as he suffered a shoulder injury that sidelined him for the rest of the game. The Bulldogs, up 27-20 with 3:56 remaining and in possession of the football, would go on to lose in triple overtime.

Jenkins considered leaving for the NFL after just one season but ultimately elected to return for his senior campaign. While overshadowed by a number of high profile defenders on the Bulldogs' roster, he played a critical part in Georgia earning a trip to the SEC Championship Game, earning Second Team All-SEC honors (as voted by the coaches) with 50 tackles, two tackles for a loss and fumble recovery in 2012.

At his size, Jenkins isn't going to be counted on to provide much pressure on quarterbacks. His primary duty will be to clog up running lanes in the interior. He's quite good in this role and provides just enough of a threat to quarterbacks that he's likely to hear his name called in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft.


STRENGTHS: Built like a Coke machine and is just as difficult to move. Has a wide frame with thick, strong limbs. Good strength and use of leverage (generally) to hold up to double-teams and create a pile. Surprisingly quick off the snap and can split gaps to destroy plays before they've even begun.

Good lateral agility, balance to slide laterally in pursuit of the ballcarrier to string out the play while fighting off blockers. Keeps his hands active, showing good effort, strength and technique to battle his ways towards the quarterback.

Good bull rusher. Can simply drive opponents backward. Locates the ball well and shows good effort to the flanks. Slips off of blocks to grab on and drag down ballcarriers attempting to slip past him. Very good strength for the drag-down tackle.

Versatile. Has lined up virtually all over the Georgia defensive line. Appears to possess long enough arms to potentially play the five-technique role, as well as at nose guard or defensive tackle.

WEAKNESSES: Provides little in terms of an interior pass rush. Is simply too wide to not get slowed down while squeezing through tight gaps in the interior line and has only phone booth quickness.

Wears down quickly and will need to be substituted often to be fully effective in the NFL. Allows his pad level to rise as he tires, which negates his strength.

COMPARES TO: B.J. Raji, NG, Green Bay Packers -- Like the former Boston College standout, Jenkins' mass and strength are the most obvious of his impressive physical characteristics, but surprisingly light feet and willingness to fight through blocks to provide some interior pass rush are attributes which could lead to a steady ascent as the draft approaches.

--Rob Rang

Wilfork can move into more of a rusher role if need be, and Jenkins can provide the ability to be the clog up running lanes and eat up OL. Of course, Jenkins would need to slim down a bit as well. I like Love, but he is only a good run defender. Deadrick is pretty good, but not starter material.

Jenkins will help solidify our middle in run defense, and will make many OLs fear our front 4, and will not know where or who to double team. He will help Wilfork (Oh boy), Nink, and Chandler, and allow our LBs to be even BETTER when it comes to blitzing, or roaming around in space while the DL with Jenkins occupies the entire OL.

John Jenkins vs Missouri (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)

What are your thoughts if we draft Jenkins?

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