Concerns with the Team going forward

Okay first let me get this out of the way. This is not a jump the season post. Real fans stick it out with their team, and won't jump ship or give up at the slightest sign of adversity. I still believe this team can win a SB, I still believe we will make the playoffs, and I still believe we will win the AFC East. We are 5-2. The season isn't even half over yet, we still have 9 more games to play. The NFL Season is a marathon not a sprint.

With that said. We have some serious problems at the moment. The run defense has really been missing Kelly, Mayo Wilfork. The Jets ran the ball down our throats for the win, and we just could not stop it. The only hope of it getting better is the return on Tommy Kelly in late in the season, and possibly CFL star Armond Armstead coming in and playing well.

The defense as a whole I still have confidence in. We were missing our shutdown CB in Talib and he really changes the game. Once he comes back as well as Tommy Kelly we should be back to playing great D. I'm not really worried about them.

The offense is what I'm worried about. The only positive takeaways from Sunday was Aaron Dobson not dropping balls and Gronk not looking like a shell of himself. Other than that, we couldn't run the ball KT was a ghost all game and Josh Boyce is getting the Taylor Price treatment.

The offensive line continues to give up sacks, runaway rushers etc. Albeit against a very good D-line, but that's no excuse. You have to play better than 4 sacks.

We had 14 pts in the first quarter, and 6 points the last 3 quarters on offense. Part of that imo, is the no huddle/hurry up. The amount of drives we've killed b/c we tried to be cute and quick snap our way to a first is maddening. If it works the 1st QTR, it probably won't work again. If it's 3rd and short stop trying to gimmick our way to a first. Just call a play, analyze the defense out there and attack it's weaknesses rather than, "run the ball while they aren't 100 ready". We were 1/12 on 3rd down ALL GAME.

The scariest part thing about the Jets loss was Mr. Tom Brady. He has continued to play poorly. For all the Brady Apologists out there, yes i realize the rookies are rookies, and i have given Brady slack because of the drops, but today drops weren't an issue. it was accuracy.

I thought with Gronk coming back we'd finally start to see Brady play like an elite QB again, but that just wasn't what happen. He looked average, throwing a terrible pick-6 (he wasn't the only one though), horribly over throwing open receivers down field, and forcing throws to Gronk regardless if he was covered or not, and just ignoring his other guys.

It was especially shocking how inaccurate he was throwing deep. I mean I realize deep balls are low percentage throws, but Brady just can't hit any of those attempts. Even Geno Smith was throwing better deep balls than Brady. In fact every QB we've faced has thrown the deep ball better than Brady.He hasn't delivered one accurate throw down the field all season (with the exception of the Dobson drop in week 2). That egregious over throw of Dobson on the game-tying drive might have led to a go ahead TD which would have given us the win. The problem with constantly overthrowing WRs deep is it eliminates potential PI calls. I've seen plenty of times where the WR had the DB beat and the ball was under-thrown yet it was still a big play because the DB never turned his head because he chasing. The only positive in Brady's game this season is he's still accurate inside 10 yards (but beyond that he's lacking touch), and he doesn't turn the ball over much. And this coming from a guy who thinks Brady's deep ball has been underrated his whole career. He could always throw the deep ball. He was never great at it, but when his WR got a step on his man downfield, he could hit him more times than not . That has not been the case this season.

I hate to say it and I know people don't want to hear it, but I think it is completely warranted. Tom Brady is starting to decline. He's not the same QB he was 3-4 years ago, and frankly he's never been quite the same since the knee injury. The pass rush gets to him more often than it did pre-knee injury. It's been exaggerated and pronounced b/c of the lack of weapons around him, but make no doubt about it, it's here. We have all thought it, we've all mentioned Brady's been off all season, well that is what it is. Just like every great QB before him, his abilities are starting to decline. He is still a fairly good QB, top 7, but he's definitely playing some of the worst football in his career.

Remember I'm not giving up. All the things stated in the beginning are still true, I have not abandoned the season. I am criticizing aspects of team play that deserve criticism. That is not being a fake fan, or negative fan or a spoiled fair weather, that's being a objective fan.

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