A Mock Draft, Because Why Not

It's always too early for a mock draft. We have no idea what the team needs will be at the end of the year, who the Pats will sign/resign, who will get hurt, who will prove themselves/improve over the season. So it's terribly early for a mock draft. So here is a mock draft. Yeah.

1st-Ra'Shede Hageman: DT, Minnesota

-Why in the world would the Pats take Ra'Shede Hageman? Well, for starters, he fills an obvious need that will probably still be present towards the draft. The team needs to rebuild that DT position, and Hageman is where you start. He has a lot of versatility along the line and does his job. Which is the BB motto. His name should pop up as the Pats 1st round pick for a while leading up to the draft. On a random thought, he has similar size to Armond Armstead. Him and Armstead on the interior would be pretty cool. Anyways.

2nd- Jace Amaro: TE, Texas Tech

-Why in the world would the Pats take Jace Amaro? Well, for starters, he fills an obvious need that will still be present towards the draft. (Woh, Deja Vu???) Hooman and Mulligan are great as blockers and spot pass catchers, but the Pats need a real receiving threat at the TE Position. If the Pats can find someone who can be half the player Hernandez was, the offense will benefit. Jace Amaro is a pass catcher first---and he does it well.

3rd- Michael Sam: DE/OLB, Mizzou

-This dude will not be a third round pick come May, or at least he should not be. Michael Sam flat out balls for Mizzou, he fits as a DE in a 4-3 or an OLB in a 3-4, good against the run (fantastic pass rush), and racks up a lot of sacks in the process. Just to give an idea of his on field production, he has 9 sacks and 13 TFL's through 7 games. And i know, sacks are misleading...I know. But just turn on the tape on this guy, his sacks are truly from his ability and effort most of the time. Anyways, you can never have too many pass rushers.

4th-Daquan Jones: DT, Penn State

-Daquan Jones is a Belichick player. Does his job well, does a lot of things well (I can already hear BB saying this in a press conference). But anyways Jones locates the ball well, uses his hands well, is good at defending against the run, and gets a good push on the pocket. He is the next step in rebuilding the position. While Jones' ceiling is not as high as Hageman's, his floor is definitely higher i believe. Plus, even though it probably does not mean much, he comes from the soon-to-be-Rutgers-Esque pipeline from Penn State.

5th-Cody Hoffman: WR, BYU

- I am not for giving up on Dobson, Thompkins, and Boyce just yet. They have shown enough potential to build upon. But they have shown they can't shoulder the load by themselves, and with Amendola going all Amendola on the injury report, it would be wise to add another young player into the mix. Now this is going to depend on whether they re-sign Edelman at the end of the season, because if he does not they are going to need to focus on that type of skill set. In that case I would go with Jarred Abbrederis, who has a similar skill set to Edelman. Anyways, Hoffman is a big athletic receiver with good hands and YAC ability. He can stretch a defense. We could use him.

6th-Aaron Donald: DT, Pittsburgh

-Woh Woh Woh, another DT? woh. I know, it does not make sense...but i am also writing a mock draft in october...which also does not make sense. But Aaron Donald reminds me of Geno Atkins. Will he be Geno Atkins? No, probably not. But his first step is crazy explosive, and he can get quick penetration into the backfield. This is another case of a guy who will probably be a 4th rounder come May, but at this point he is pretty under the radar. The DT rebuild is now complete. Assuming Wilfork is probably done, we are looking at a depth chart like this (Not including free agents, or Armstead) Tommy Kelly, Ra'Shede Hageman, Daquan Jones, Aaron Donald, Chris Jones, Joe Vellano. And a year after that your looking at Hageman, D. Jones, Donald, C. Jones, Vellano. In this case, all the players have versatility to play pretty much anywhere on the line (Even D. Jones) and it becomes a position of youth for the Pats rather than a weakness. See not only will we be drafting to replace Wilfork, but also Kelly a year after.

6th(C)-Spencer Long: OG, Nebraska

-The Pats are likely to get a compensatory selection for Danny Woodhead, and could also get ones for Donald Thomas and Pat Chung. But for now we will keep it too one. Spencer Long is tough, versatile, strong in pass and run pro. Dante could coach the kid up.

7th-Brett Smith: QB, Wyoming

-We need to either Draft a qb, or pick up one in free agency. Because Mallett will not be on the team in two years (Whether from trade or Free Agency) Brett Smith is greatly underrated. Watch him almost beat a ranked Nebraska team this year on youtube, he makes quick choices, has good athleticism, good enough accuracy and arm strength.

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