Casual Mock Draft (updated 11/26)

Since my 2nd most favorite SB nation blog Mocking the Draft has recently updated positional rankings for 2014 prospects, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a Pats mock draft. Disclaimer: My sources are nothing but what I READ on various websites and what I SEE on youtube and I am nothing but an arm chair GM (that is why the title says casual).

This mock draft is based on two assumptions.1) Patriots will draft in very late 20s 2) Aqib Talib will be resigned.

1st Round. Gabe Jackson OG (Miss. State): I was advocating to draft a DT in the first round, but recent words say Ra'Shede Hageman effectively climbed out of our reach. Therefore, I decided to shift my focus. Jackson is rated as 3rd best OG on the class by MTD after Cyril Richardson (Baylor) and David Yankey (Stanford). I don't really know how to assess OG effectively but I like him best among "the Top 4" (aforementioned three plus Xavier Su'a-Filo of UCLA) whom "all could go in the first" according to MTD's Dan Kador. I really like his size because we all know these BIG guys likes of Start Lotulei have been posing problems to our OL past few years. I also like the fact he plays in SEC where competition level in trenches are generally higher than other conference. Videos and Scouting Report (from Draft

2nd Round. DaQuan Jones DT (Penn. State): With Louis Nix III and Hageman out of our reach, I think DaQuan Jones is the next best DT who can be an anchor inside while more than just a run stopper. He is rated as 10th best DT by MTD but this number is tad misleading because the list includes "lighter" DTs. You can go with Daniel McCullers here if you are REALLY concerned about our run D# in future but I also heard he is more of a two-down lineman. I also like the fact he has been coached up by our old friend Bill O'Brien. Videos (from Draft

3rd Round. Travis Swanson C (Arkansas): MORE SIZE on O-LINE!! He is rated as the 2nd best C by MTD and again I like him more than others simply because of SIZE and SEC factor. CBS sports project him to go to first two rounds so there is some wishful thinking here, but nonetheless Dan Kador of MTD thinks centers could all slide to the third wound so I stick with that. Videos and Scouting Report (from Draft

4th Round. Jon Halapio OG (Florida): (11/26) Well, seems like this pick is where people having been a problem with and heck you guys got me. This is where I got "lazy" and I just put a guard whom I was told to be a great value. I just went "BB's gonna double dip just like his recent draft" so I don't have to spend time to look up which coverage LB (although I am very pleased by what Collins showed on Sunday) or CB (to upgrade from Cole/Arringrton) would be a good value. I am perfectly fine with drafting my favorite Chris Coyle or a developmental QB here instead of later.

5th Round. Traded for Issac Sopoaga

6th Round A. Chris Coyle TE/H-back (Arizona State): Ladies and Gentleman, this my "I found this guy first so I deserve some credit" pick. Ever since Mr. Voldemort decided to Grand Theft Auto himself, we are in need of a move tight end. And thanks to Mr. Google and Mr. Youtube, I think I found a perfect guy in Chris Coyle. Heck, you don't have to read the other player's description but you've got read this one.

Just watch where he lines up on this and this. This guy lines up in everywhere! H-back, traditional TE and even in slot. And he looks pretty slippery too. His plays and "without gloves" style remind me of Dallas Clark in prime.

And his scouting report:

A moveable piece in the Sun Devils offense, Coyle lines up as an H-back, in the slot, and in a traditional inline position. He exhibits excellent quickness in and out of his breaks, making him a mismatch for opposing linebackers, and demonstrates a great feel for finding soft spots in coverage. His soft, reliable hands and ability to make defenders miss after the catch make him a valuable weapon in the passing game. Undersized, but reportedly heavier now than when he weighed in at spring camp, Coyle is a well-rounded H-back prospect who also contributes as a blocker for Arizona State’s talented backfield. -Jeremy Hyde, 07/12

Wow, isn't it pretty much what Pats exactly need?

6th Round B. Tom Savage QB (Pitt): (11/26) We know Ryan Mallet would be a FA after 2014 season and we will need another back up by then. Fortunately, this is a very QB deep draft and there will be plenty of developmental QBs. I just put Savage because I heard more other good things about him than other not so famous QBs such as David Fales. If Aaron Murray slides till this round because of his recent injury, I would definitely consider him in my mock. He is known for off the chart intangibles and sub par measuables. Sounds familiar?

7th Round Trey Millard FB/H-back (Oklahoma): (11/26) He is my former favorite boy before he tore his ACL. This guy is an ultimate swiff army knife who runs like a RB, lead blocks like a FB and still catch passes like TE. I would have mocked him in 4th round if he were not injured. His videos videos

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