Crowdsourcing player analysis? Can we help Ridley?

Stevan Ridley is a very, very good running back, a passionate player, and seems to be an all around decent dude. He's young, strong, and still in his prime.

He actually doesn't fumble THAT much more than other backs, but he seems to do so at really inopportune times. I would put those fumbles into three basic categories:

His fault: muffed handoffs and crazy ways of holding the ball while pirouetting around a lineman.

Combined fault: it takes a special back to hold on to the ball when a 200 pound or better linebacker or safety puts his helmet on the ball at 20 miles an hour. However, it does not take a special back to ensure that the ball is very hard to hit with your helmet... or that it is held in a way that a hit will drive it into the chest/stomach/other arm... that's training.

Not his fault: If you get hit helmet to helmet and knocked out, and drop the ball... if the player you face makes an elite move, and so on.

Ridley's had his fair share of all three kinds... and shades of gray as well.

Can we, as fans, do some tape analysis? Come up with a basic grid showing how and why the fumbles that seemingly plague him are happening? Is his running style and effectiveness the result of poor ball holding, therefore, either we accept Ridley's fumbles and take what we can get, or we lose the effectiveness and get BenJarvus Green-Ellis style running?

Are opposing teams watching those tapes and identifying particular ways/times/angles to hit Ridley to get the ball out?

Would we be doing anything that the coaches don't already do?

In short: would it be useful for us to put together a comprehensive review of Ridley's fumbles, view the angles, where he carries the ball, why it happened... if it really is a style/training problem, then it should be correctable. If it is a physiological problem (small arms, weakness of muscle, size/shape of body) then there's nothing to be done. Take what you get or cut the man. If it's simply a case of wrong place wrong time, luck of the draw... then simply be patient, and accept that the statistics will even out over time.


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