Who will be our interim head coach in case of emergency?

First and foremost, I wish Garry Kubiack and John Fox speedy recoveries.

Yesterday, Boston Globe asked Bill Belichick about his thoughts on the recent health scare of head coaches.

With the Patriots practicing just once this week before players are given an extended break for their bye week, Bill Belichick said the weekend health scares suffered by Denver’s John Fox and Houston’s Gary Kubiak won’t force him to change anything he does as a head coach in the NFL.

"No, I don’t feel that way," Belichick, 61, said on Tuesday morning, when asked if the Fox/Kubiak medical episodes had him stepping back and making sure he’s taking care of himself.

"I’m comfortable with the schedule that I’m on and what I’m doing. I feel about like I feel normally at this time of the season, which is good, but it’s not like you feel on July 28, when you start [training camp]. I feel good, and I plan on making it through the rest of the year. I don’t really plan on doing anything differently."

This put me into perspective. Tom Brady is most irreplaceable player of this team. Hand down. But you can make an argument that BB is most irreplaceable person of the entire organization (Remember 2008?). God forbid if something happens to BB, who will be his Matt Cassel?

Before you jump on to my throat, remember, it does not have to be an injury or illness. He can go to Croatia with Linda during this bye week for a quick vacation and have his passport stolen (Lets use this as our hypothetical scenario).

An obvious choice is Josh McDaniels. He has an experience as a HC of Denver Broncos. The problem is the result was "mixed" at best. Not to mention his play calling has been under microscope past months. When our offence is still somewhat shaky in weekly basis, it would not be ideal to load more responsibility on him.

Another choice is Matt Patricia. He does not have any experience as a HC. Therefore, we don't know how good is he. But I have a feeling he has been working closer to BB than McDaniels has been since BB is more from defensive side of the field.

My joker is Dante Scarnecchia. It is definitely a crazy idea to assign a mere OL coach to an interim HC job. But heck, I heard he is an oldest coaching staff who's been here for a long time and great motivator. This leaves McD and Patricia to concentrate on their callings without worrying about throwing flags and etc. (Edit (11/7): As some of you have pointed out, he is currently an assistant head coach who served as an interim in 2005. So he is not a joker as I initially thought)

Off course, we all hope nothing happens to BB down the road, but hey, his forte is "risk management." We can exercise one here now.

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