The Hard Part

As Patriots' fans a lot of us have been watching our team go from one end of the spectrum to the other this season. There haven't been many convincing wins this season. But there have been a lot of battles. Hotly contested and in some cases nothing short of miraculous.

I've gutted this season out. I turned off the Saints game only to turn it back on. It was the last game this season, that I turned off before it was all over. I've watch injury rob the strength out of key players. Aqib Talib is out there. But he's NOT 100%. But he's still fighting. Vince Wilfork, Sabastian Vollmer, Jerod Mayo, and Tommy Kelly as you know, are all done for the season. The rookie receivers have missed time as well. And then there is the all time hurt of losing Gronk. To a hit many will say is clean, but I don't.

As I watched the game unfold Sunday, I was disappointed more in the referees than the offense's problems of getting started. And of the CBS announcer's love for the Browns. Much like the week before with the love fest for the Texans. And Mr. Gumble repeatedly saying the 2-9 Texans. Maybe I'm being overzealous. Maybe there was some integrity to Steve Tasker and Don Criqui during the broadcast?

I remember Steve saying he didn't like the pass interference call against the Browns at the end of the game. But I didn't hear him say that when Josh Gordon shoved Talib in his face coming off the line and no flag was thrown. I didn't hear him say that when Josh Gordon tripped over his own feet running a route and the officials threw a flag on Talib. When Danny Amendola got knocked to the ground 7 yards past the line of scrimmage he didn't express any sentiments of disappointment. But maybe I'm wrong about how those two announcers feel.

But I did want to state that it seems to me that announcers have there allegiances more now than what they used to. I'm so used to guys calling the game down the middle. I'm disappointed when I see or it seems like the announcers for a non partial entity are favoring one side. It just makes me wonder. It leaves me with a grand sense of disappointment.

Yet New England still won the game. I feel due more to a greater focus in crunch time. Which they need to show more of throughout the whole game. But none the less they won it. I won't say I'm happy with the whole effort. But I'll take this win. Its not been pretty. No style points will be awarded though. So we are good there. But the slow starts for the offense are not good. The fact that they have continued is disappointing.

But the truth be told. Right now, this is our team. This is where they are right now. And It doesn't mean this will be the norm for the rest of the year. It just means this is who they are right now, right at this moment. And that doesn't bother me as much as some others. Why? Because, no one is always at their best. Sometimes you go through tough stretches in life that hurts. Sometimes you fail. But you keep trying to live. That's how I feel about this team.

The heart is still beating under the floor boards. I'm used to the analyst and casual passers by writing off the Patriots. I'm used to that happening. But it bothers me more when the fans of the team write them off. "NE can't" should not be in our vocabulary. A lot of people lean on the fact we have Tom Brady under center. Nothing wrong with that. He's a great leader. He finds the open man. And he's done things I've never seen any quarterback do from a leadership and guts stand point. But the main key for me is Bill. It always has been.

I can't speak of or for anyone else, but I'm amazed by this team. I'm amazed that rookies are having an impact on this team as strongly as they have. I'm amazed that there is a fight and toughness to this team that has been missing for a little while now. The hard part, to me isn't who they play next. But them going out there and hanging in there. Bill preaches toughness. But how together this team is will depend on how far they go. I don't want to think about the playoffs. But I do find my thoughts peeking into potential Super Bowl futures. I still feel like this team is very capable of doing what few think they can do. I still feel like the best of this team has not shown itself yet. And I will continue to believe in them.

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