Complete NFL Playoff Predictions

Hey everyone- gonna do a rundown of my full round-by-round playoff predictions. Let me know whatcha think!

Wild Card Round

Chargers at Bengals

I think this one is a pretty simple one. The Bengals are tough to beat at home. I'm going to pick Bengals advancing.

Chiefs at Colts

If week 16 hadn't happened, I'd be pretty conclusive in picking the Chiefs. However, the Colts put a beatdown on 'em. That said, with the Chiefs' essential bye this week, I'm picking them to advance.

Saints at Eagles

Ooh boy, the Saints are tough to pick against, but away from the Superdome, they're pedestrian. I'm picking the Eagles despite their defensive woes.

Niners at Packers

This one isn't really even close. I'm sorry, even with A-Rod back, the Packers don't stand a chance. Niners advance.

Divisional Round

Chiefs at Broncos

Oh boy, here we go again. This is gonna be another good one. As we know, as the temperature decreases, so do Peyton Manning's numbers. It's really tough to pick against the Broncos, but I have to. Especially with the uncertainty of Wes Welker, I have to pick the Chiefs. Tough pick.

Bengals at Patriots

Rematch time! This time, the Bengals are away from home, and will be mediocre. Not only do they not have the player that made the biggest impact in these teams' regular season matchup, but the Patriots have offensive weapons that they did not. Easy pick; Patriots.

Eagles at Panthers

Boy, do I hate the Panthers. I think they're extremely overrated, and only elite at one position, and that player would be Luke Kuechly, whose ability to make an impact has been highly inflated by whatever agent of his is paying every ref off. But, they are the superior team. Panthers win.

Niners at Seahawks

So maybe the Hawks AREN'T undefeatable at home. This matchup is going to be AWESOME. I cannot wait to watch it. Ultimately, the Niners are the hotter team here. However, I don't think they'll overcome Seattle's home field advantage which is still very much alive. Hawks advance.

Conference Championships

Chiefs at Patriots

I'm not a homer. I swear, I'm not a homer. But come on. The Chiefs? Please. They can expose Peyton the way it has been done for the last 10-odd years, but Tom is clutch. One of the most clutch of all time. The Chiefs, on offense, have Jamaal Charles, and...Dwayne Bowe? You mean he's been a non-factor this year? Oh... Dexter McCluster? That guy that played when the Chiefs were resting their starters? Oh... Patriots, by a wide margin.

Panthers at Seahawks

Now my Panther hatred and love of Richard Sherman converge. The Panthers have a very big HFA. On the road, not as good. The Hawks, on the other hand, will be at home. I think the Panthers finally get exposed as the 7-9 team that they are. Seahawks advance.

Super Bowl

Seahawks (sort of) at Patriots

By sort of, I mean that it's not really at Gillette, but it's a heck of a lot closer to Gillette than Seattle. However... that defense, man! The one thing that I do question is Seattle's passing game. It's predicated on big plays much in the way that the Panthers' is, and I don't think that's sustainable, especially against the Pats with the emergence of Devin McCourty as a top-flight safety. Seattle's receivers are, at their best, pedestrian; the Patriots young defensive backs will be able to cover them. Marshawn Lynch will be a problem, but not in the famous Earthquake play way; the Pats' run defense up the middle has been extremely good the past few weeks, however the outside run defense has been shaky. The Patriots run game matches up well as they prefer off-tackle runs as opposed to over guard and up the middle runs, where the Seahawks defensive line and linebackers are relatively good at clogging. At the end of the day, I believe that the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl, but much, much closer than you would think.

Thanks for taking the time to read, friends! Feel free to make any comments.

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