Part 2. Cuts and Restructures

These are the cuts that I would make as a General Manager. Gostowski was solid last season but his cap hit over the next two seasons is to large and it wouldn't be to much of a drop off to save some money and draft a kicker late in the draft. With Mankins' contract we can push his base salary over the next two years of his contract and will cause the contract to increase by 1.5 each season for the next two seasons. It will save 6 million for this season and help our situation this offseason a lot. On the other hand, for Brady I kind of went out on a limb and predicted that maybe we could give him a 3 year extension to his current contract and turn his base salary into a roster bonus and spread it out over those three years and it would save somewhere around 4-9 million in cap for this season.

After all of these moves the pats could potentially free up almost 20 million more dollars of cap space for this season and it would put them in pretty good shape to potentially sign Ed Reed, resign Welker and Vollmer, and maybe make a few more moves.

My next article will consist of projected offseason resignings

Players Name Position Cap Hit Dead Money Cut Players Names Position Cap Hit Restructured Contracts Postion New Cap Hit
Vince Wilfork DT 10,608,120 7,200,000 Stephen Gostowski K 1,600,000 Logan Mankins OL 6,325,000
Jerod Mayo LB 5,600,000 13,200,000 Daniel Fells TE 666,667 Tom Brady QB 14,800,000
Brandon Lloyd WR 4,500,000 5,000,000 Spencer Larsen LB 125,000
Aaron Hernandez TE 4,073,000 10,050,000 Kamar Aiken WR 0
Dan Connolly OL 3,333,333 1,666,667 Malcolm Williams CB 0
Rob Gronkowski TE 2,700,000 11,470,000 Marcuse Benard LB 0
Nate Solder OL 2,329,225 4,276,848 Andre Holmes WR 0
Matthew Slater WR 2,266,666 1,333,334 Mike Kafka QB 0
Steve Gregory S 2,183,333 1,666,667 Jeff Tarpinian LB 0
Chandler Jones DE 1,857,613 5,935,124 James Develin RB 0
Devin McCourty S 1,853,120 2,290,000 Jeremy Ebert WR 0
Donta Hightower LB 1,755,455 4,876,365 Tracy Robertson DE 0
Rob Ninkovich DE 2,166,668 666,668
Ras-I Dowling CB 1,446,572 1,530,141
Kyle Love DT 1,100,000 250,000
Ryan Wendell OL 1,015,000 150,000
Tavon Wilson S 958,613 1,712,395
Shane Vereen RB 943,950 508,600
Jermaine Cunningham DE 960,120 330,000
Brandon Spikes LB 870,120 240,000
Stevan Ridley RB 805,500 324,000
Ryan Mallett QB 803,953 321,938
Marcus Cannon OL 637,687 100,250
Nick McDonald OL 630,000 0
Zoltan Mesko P 1,369,814 46,814
Jake Bequette DE 619,950 404,850
Brandon Deaderick DE 640,195 10,075
Danny Aiken LS 555,000 0
Nate Ebner S 504,150 72,450
Alfonzo Dennard CB 494,462 43,386
Brandon Bolden RB 485,000 10,000
Markus Zusevics OL 484,333 8,667
Justin Francis DE 482,333 4,667
Mike Rivera LB 480,000 0
Jeff Demps RB 408,666 7,334
Kyle Hix OL 408,000 3,000
Brad Herman TE 405,833 1,667
Armon Armstead DT 405,000 0
Dead Money 6,907,863
Cap Surplus -5,100,000
Total Team Salaries 86,073,647
Total Cap Space 34,926,353

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