New England Patriots Mock Draft 1.0 (2/2)

I guess I'll get right to it:

Round 1

Johnathan Cyprien, SS/FS, FIU (6'1, 210lbs.)

If you already hate the pick, hear me out. I fully believe that the biggest need on the Patriots is a WR, but I believe they can find talent later in the draft. Now there is a possibility that the Patriots can land Ed Reed. I'm not banking on it but it is a possibility (especially when the Ravens lose the Superbowl.) With that all said, I think Cyprien is the best safety in this class. He has great size and physicality. Does a great job of reading the quarterback's eyes. He has a very wide range and can stretch from sideline to sideline very quickly. Great in coverage and run support. NFLDraftScout's Matt Miller has even tweeted: "Johnathan Cyprien is my favorite defensive player in this class. Pray your team drafts him." Now I know it's a tweet, but I also know that Matt Miller knows his stuff. The Patriots can't go wrong with him.

Round 2

TRADE DOWN for a 3rd rounder and a 2nd rounder next year.

Round 3

Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Tenn Tech. (6'3, 206lbs.)

There is a chance Rogers goes earlier than this, but a lot of other WR's are sliding up draft boards and Rogers stock has not changed much so he can sink to the 3rd round. There is a chance Wes Welker isn't a Patriot next season, and with Edelman always getting injured, the only remaining receiver is Brandon Lloyd (and even he isn't the deep threat they need.) Da'Rick Rogers solves that. He has some character concerns but he has the size needed on the outside with good speed, not elite, but enough to create separation. He does a great job of catching the ball in traffic and getting out of jams. He could work on his route running but he looks the part of the deep threat the Patriots sorely lack.

TRADE DOWN their 3rd rounder for a 4th this year and a 6th next year.

Round 4

TRADE DOWN for a 6th this year and 5th next year.

Round 6

Sio Moore, OLB, UCONN (6'1, 240lbs.)

I think Sio Moore in the 6th round is a steal. I think he is the best cover linebacker in this class and his best football is ahead of him. He stole the show at the Shrine Game. He can stick with tight ends and slot receivers in coverage. He can put his hand in the dirt and rush the passer. I think he is a perfect linebacker for the Patriots. I believe him to be an upgrade over Dane Fletcher. Fletcher is injury prone. It was his ACL this season, his "thumb injury" last season, what will it be next season? I would get rid of him by all means and stash this guy on the roster.

Round 7

Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky (6'5, 249lbs.)

Quanterus Smith led the nation in sacks recording 12.5 in 10 games before going down with a knee injury. He snagged 3 of them against Alabama's NFL-caliber offensive line. Impressive right? If it weren't for his injury we could be talking about a first round pick maybe, a 2nd rounder at the least. For a team still in need of a pass rusher why not snag one of the biggest sleepers of the draft?

Dwayne Gratz, CB, UCONN (5'11, 200lbs.)

I'm a UConn fan and I have greatly admired the underrated UConn defense all season. Dwayne Gratz had surprised many at the senior bowl showcasing his ability to be physical with receivers and jam them at the LOS. He proved to scouts that he can be effective in man coverage and with the uncertainty of Aqib Talib to remain a Patriot next season, they could really look to add another CB on the other side for depth because Arrington is awful as an outside corner. No questions asked.


I know I traded down a lot of picks, but I feel the Patriots will try to get positions in need while stock piling more picks for next years draft which is LOADED with talent. They don't have a lot of picks in that draft either so it makes sense to trade down a lot.

I didn't draft a DT because they may not see it as a big priority with Armond Armstead now on board. They can still address areas of need in free agency, like an OT. If you hate the mock draft, I know it's pretty good then because it is very difficult for any team to get the exact player they want.

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