Free Agent Cornerbacks

With Dennard trial verdict being guilty and reports of the Pats concerned over Talibs work ethic we will probably need another corner or two. We also need a good safety so I will go over some options for that position. Here or some ideas.

Sean Smith CB, 6'3" 218lbs. Age 25. He probably won't be a #1 CB but I think he would be a fairly cheap #2 CB. Considering the Dolphins have a pretty long list of free agents(Bush, Long, Hartline etc.) they might not sign him. Also, he is only 25 so he could potentially be a long term solution and not just a stop gap like some players I may bring up.

Brent Grimes CB, 5'10" 183lbs. Age 29. I know this guy may be a little out of our price range considering I don't think Atlanta will want to lose him. But he is coming off of a pretty serious knee injury I think it was an ACL tear and if he seems like he will be okay and the injury will heal up fine I wouldn't mind trying to get him here.

Cary Williams CB, 6'1" 190lbs. Age 28. He reportedly turned down an extension to stay in Baltimore(In case some of you want the link). He seemed pretty good when I saw him play. That might be because some of the others players that he was surrounded by on the BAL D but it does not hurt in taking a look.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB, 6'2" 182lbs. Age 26. Definitely has the skill to be a #1 CB but his problem is he is inconsistent. This year was not his best year so he might be a little less expensive and with him only being 26 he could be a long term fix.

Ed Reed S, 5' 11" 205lbs. Age 34. Although he isn't a long term fix and is older he is one of those special players that plays at a high level. He is well respected and no trouble with the law.

Dashon Goldson S, 6'2" 200lbs. Age 28. Was a target last year and he played under the franchise tag. Can cover and hit.

William Moore 6' 221lbs. Age 27. Probably would be one of my top choices although I see Atlanta making a big push to resign him. When I watched the Falcons Moore would be all over the place making plays. I would be willing to pay this guy a little more than he is worth.

Jairus Byrd will probably get the franchise tag but if not I would look into him.

Louis Delmas S, 5' 11" 202lbs. Age 25. He was lost due to injury half way through the season. His market value will probably be a little lower due to the injury but when he was playing he was starting for the Lions and as I was watching him he seemed to be making some plays and not allowing to many big completions. And lets be honest who wants to play for the Lions when you could play for the Pats?

Chris Houston CB, 5' 11" 178lbs. Age 28. Although I feel we need some bigger CB I am pretty interested in him after looking at the following stats 11 PD, 2 INTs, 2 FF. He probably won't demand a really big contract either.

LaRon Laundry is also an option but from what I have heard i he is asking for 6 a year and since we only have 15 I would rather find a guy who is looking more in the 4 range because we need about 5 for draft picks and that leaves us with only 10 and I want Vollmer back to but I feel if we get Laundry at 6 a year some one could out bid us for Vollmer and I would rather get Vollmer than Laundry.

Feel free if you voted other or I didn't mention one you like to say in the comments!!!

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