Holy Cap Space Batman!

So reports are saying that Lloyd's option may not be picked up by the patriots due to some character issues (to be general).

If this would be the case, then according to the article by Adam Fox, the Patriots will save another $4.9 million in cap space. With Brady's recent extension bringing the Pats up to about 26 million in cap space, than if the Pats are not picking up Lloyd's option, than we could be looking at around $30 Million in cap space.

$30 Million in cap space.

That's if I have the figures from the writers of PatsPulpit correctly. The question is, if Lloyd is gone, how are we going to all this glorious cash?



To get the small numbers out of the way, lets say rookies will take up about 7 million in cap. leaves us with about 23 million to spend.

1) First thing that is probably on everyone's agenda is signing Welker.

Some reports are saying that the Pats may be close to signing Welker. Others say they are just trying to work out a deal. Needless to say, Welker seems to be priority #1 for the Patriots, so how much will we end up paying?

Some of us would want to say he is worth about 7 million. Maybe 8. BUt will Welker want somewhere around 9 or 10 million? Lets say the Pats give him 9 million per year.

2) So that leaves us with 14 million. What to do?

A lot of assuming going on here, I know. But it's fun!

So right now, we only have one starting WR, and an unknown in Ebert. And there is also Talib. Talib would cost around 8 million a year, maybe 6. Lets say 7.

Do we sign Talib? Sign one of the big 3 WRs in Wallace, Bowe, or Jennings? They would cost around 10 million, and that would leave us with some change to get Edelman back. With that 7 million for rookies, we can get a CB in the draft, or a safety as well, or trade up in the draft and get a guy, and use money we would have spent on with the extra draft pick to try and get Vollmer signed.

Or, do we sign Talib, and maybe pursue Grimes as well? Then we can use the 7 million I mentioned above, set aside for a couple WRs in the draft?

Or perhaps we should get a quality RG in free agency?

What do you guys think here? How would you spend all this money?

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