The Will to Win.

What is the will to win? Is it the idea that is just plain "I want to win the superbowl very badly" or is it something more?

In recent light of events, I believe it is much more than just "I want to win the superbowl very badly," and because of this past week I realize that the will to win is more just a simple drive. Brady, who has everything a man could ever want, is still playing football. He never leveraged the Pats team to get him a contract as big as Mario Williams or Manning's (notice I say "leveraged"). Let's list off some of the things:

  1. Money. He has a ton of it. Not only by playing great football, but because his wife is supermodel making probably more than Brady (point is though, she makes a lot of cash).
  2. Supermodel Wife. We all have our own subjective view on the beauty of a woman, but you can't tell me that most straight men out there wouldn't love to have a bonafide beauty of their own.
  3. Kids (result Family). A wife and kids that he loves with all his heart. Some crackhead writer might just make up some garbage article on how Brady is so selfish to play so much football over spending time with his family. I guess they'd do anything for a few bucks. So he has a family, and wonderful children to add to the list of things he has.
  4. Owns expensive property. Has enough money to buy and maintain beautiful property across the US. Didn't he just had a house finish building for him? Beautiful, and big, homes, and he could travel to either one of them depending on the season. Homes, Kids, Wife, Money. Things seem to be adding up here.
  5. Already a Hall of Famer. Why is Brady still playing football? The guy has already made the case to not only be a hall of famer, but a top 5 QB OF ALL TIME. He is 36 years old, been playing football over a decade, so why doesn't he just hang it up and retire? What is driving this man to continue playing football when he already has everything?

It's simple. Brady is a damn perfectionist, and we all know it. But that is not the only thing here. Until recently, many of us believed that the NFL, players and owners, are all about the money. Money drove everyone in this business, and perhaps the idea of "the will to win" has been lost under the luxuries these players and owners take for granted (aside from family. Because that is important).

Brady, despite having everything a man could want, has taken a contract extension freeing up over 10 million in cap space. What were Brady's thoughts on this?

“I really do just want to win, and that has and will continue to be the reason that motivates me and is the biggest factor in my decision-making process”

Just really wants to win. Winning. That one word buried under money and status by many players. Don't get me wrong, most players in the league do want to win, but would they make a contract extension or pay cut to do so like Brady? I doubt it.

And that brings me back to the question: What is the Will to Win?

Looking at Brady's actions, the will to win is doing everything, and anything, necessary, INCLUDING giving up some of your luxuries and personal life, to win games and to eventually win the superbowl. Brady did not necessarily give up his money, but on a yearly basis, he is making less now (unless I am mistaken) because he extended the contract. He did this, so BB and the organization could have enough cash to build this team to win NOW. And when football comes around, his personal life is set aside to dedicate himself to the game, and you could say perfectionist if you like as well.

It's kind of like myself in college right now. I just finished an exam and a speech for two classes. I thought about the idea of "the will to win" (or in this case passing them both), and I realized that I would have to set aside the distractions of things I enjoy doing, in order to pass them.

Brady wants to get that superbowl so badly, he is willing to do everything necessary to bring home another Lombardi Trophy. That "will to win" is the reason why I believe that the Pats will win another superbowl in the Brady era. Perhaps it's next year, perhaps the year after that. But with Brady at the helm, being the kind of unselfish player that he is, we will see another trophy come to foxboro. The will to win is strong with this one, rubbing off on his teammates, I find it hard to believe that it will happen later rather than sooner.

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