NCS's Totally Awesome Mock Draft

Now that the Super Bowl and 2012 season are all officially over, its time to look forward to 2013. There is better way to do this then mocking some drafts, so lets get right down to it:

Round 1, pick 29: Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

Kawann Short is one of the draft's top DT prospects, generally ranked in either the low first or high second round. Placing him next to Wilfork would create a nightmare for opposing offensive coordinators, as both players have the potential to draw double teams. Kawann is more then capable of stopping the run, and with a linebacking core that includes Spikes, Hightower, and Mayo all in addition to the previously mentioned mountain known as Wilfork we should have little trouble in that regard. What sets him apart from other DTs is his ability to push the pocket, and generate pass rush by bursting off the line with good speed and quickness. Pass-rush is key to succeeding in today's NFL, and interior push is superior to edge rushers that can just be outrun by a mobile QB. When combined with outside rushers like Jones and Nink, opposing quarterbacks will often find the pocket collapsing from all directions.

Alternative choices are John Jenkins, who, though he lacks Kawann's pass rush ability, is simply massive in size. Jesse Williams is another option at DT, and other positions can be addressed later or though free agency.

Round 2, Pick 59: Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

At 6'4, Justin is one of the tallest WRs in the 2013 draft. This size on the outside will be excellent for drawing coverage away from the likes of Gronk and Hernandez, forcing opposing DCs to reconsider their entire back end strategy. His size isn't the only thing he has going for him, though - he also has great reach, deceptive speed, and ajusts well. Drafting Justin would give Brady the large outside target he hasn't had in years, and one that would bail the offense out in situations of tight coverage or when Brady isn't quite on top of his game.

An alternative choice is Quinton Patton, who adds blocking to the advantages Justin would bring. He is 4 inches shorter though, and doesn't necessarily make up for it with great speed or strength.

Round 3, Pick 91: Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia.

Bacarri has everything you would want in a safety in terms of size and build, and has excellent instincts when it comes to reading the QB. If his catching ability is the icing on the cake, then his ball-hawking nature is the cherry on top. Unlike a certain other Safety we once took he actually takes good angles, and lays down hard shoulder-based hits instead of leading with his head. Taking him would give us a potentially elite true safety, allowing McCourty to move over to CB in the event that Talib or Dennard go down.

And for god sake, his name is Rambo - how can you not want this guy on our team? The only reason he has fallen out of the first round is due to off-the-field concerns (specifically failing drug tests) - sound familiar?

Round 7, Pick ??: Matt Scott, QB, Arizona

Matt Scott is a duel-threat QB who, unlike many, is also highly accurate. He is highly athletic, has good pocket presence, and good ball-placement during throws. He will stand tall and take hits when necessary, though this has led to injuries in the past. Basically, Matt is a low-risk gamble that could prove highly rewarding as a possible Brady replacement or should Brady miss time. Given his duel-threat nature, he could even serve as a change-up for Brady in trick play situations.

Round 7, Pick ??: TRADE - For a sixth round pick in 2014

At this point, all needs have been addressed and most of the value gone. Many of the players left will go undrafted, allowing us to pick them up then.

Alternate Option: TRADE both 7th round picks for a 5th round pick, and with that draft Chris Harper, WR, Kansas State. This would mean doubling up on WRs, which has worked in the past with TEs and RBs. Chris is a reliable target, and, though he lacks Justin's height, reach or speed, blocks well. He would be a decent third option behind Lloyd and Justin, and outside alternative to Edelman.

...And that concludes my first mock draft. Do you think its totally awesome? Please feel free to comment about anything you may disagree with, and, hopefully, some of the things you like.

The views expressed in these FanPosts are not necessarily those of the writers or SBNation.

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