1st and 2nd Round Mock Draft

Mocking is a process, not a snap-shot. The Combine will change things.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, WVU

Compared to the other QBs in this draft Smith doesn't look horrible. Besides, the natives are restless. No pun intended.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

He's such a safe pick. An immediate upgrade and future leader on that D.

3. Oakland Raiders – Star Lotulelei, NT/DT, Utah

He's going to be a star even if he's playing in the Black Hole. No puns intended.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M


5. Detroit Lions – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

The Lions bet they can find a pass-rusher in the early-2nd or early-3rd round of the draft, and they're probably right. They need someone capable of dealing with Brandon Marshall.

6. Cleveland Browns – Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB, Georgia

Michael Lombardi is not drafting a QB here. Besides, Ryan Mallett got drafted two yearsd ago.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Some Guy, QB,Some School Not Named "WVU"

Don't ask me who the 2nd-best QB is in this class. Not now anyways. We'll need the Combine for some serious help here.

8. Buffalo Bills – Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

A very good compliment to Mario Williams, and he'll like having those two DTs working the interior. With Mark Anderson coming in on 3rd down, the Bills finally have that invincible DLine that we talked so much about before the regular season began.

9. New York Jets – TRADE. Yup, Tannebaum definitely left the building.
The Cards pass on the next-best OT to blatantly reach for a QB. Chicago won’t miss their chance for the steady riser, and give up their 2nd rounder plus their 2014 2nd-round pick to trade up from #20:
Chicago Bears: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

Chicago goes OLine? Who saw that coming?

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

Chris Johnson will be a happy man.

11. San Diego Chargers – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

Fisher is off the board so they look at another need. Quinton Jammer has a cool name that we should be used to by now. The reason for that is how long he has played in the league. Chargers are going to need more talent in the secondary if they want to contend with Peyton Manning.

12. Miami Dolphins – Keenan Allen, WR, California

Miami goes for a WR? Who saw that coming?

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Johnathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

TB goes for a CB? Shocking.

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Carolina goes for a DT? Who saw that coming? I had them taking one last year.

15. New Orleans Saints – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

He won't cost half as much as Will Smith and can play 34OLB.

16. St. Louis Rams – Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina

St. Louis goes for OLine? Who saw that coming?

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB, LSU

They need to start thinking post-Harrison.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Johnathan Jenkins, DT/NT, Georgia

Cowboys go for a NT. Don't act surprised.

19. New York Giants – Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

New York takes an athletic freak of nature? Of course.

20. New York Jets - Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

BPAAAPON. With two picks in the 2nd round the Jets will be able to find the BPAs left on day 2. What are the positonsof need for New York? Pretty much everything, really.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Alex Olgetree, LB, Georgia

Olgetree and Vontaze Burfict are the future at LBer for Cincinnati.

22. St. Louis Rams, from Washington Redskins - Eric Reid, S, LSU

A OG and a S for the Rams. Who saw that coming?

23. Minnesota Vikings - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil, Kyle Rudolph, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Matt Ponder. That's progress.

24. Indianapolis Colts - Shariff Floyd, Florida

Colts rebuilt much of their O in recent years. Now they start rebuilding themselves into a 34D.

25. Seattle Seahawks - Jesse Williams, DT/NT, Alabama

This pick isn't made out of any immediate or pressing need. They like versatility and think he'll be a beast in their rotation.

26. Green Bay Packers - Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

Quick, what are his initials? Jermichael Finley should get nervous.

27. Houston Texans - Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State

The Texans were exposed at LBer after Cushing went down. They need more talent to compliment the leader of their front-7(no disrespect to Watt) and they get it.

28. Denver Broncos - Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame

It's Te'o or Kevin Minter out of LSU. They figure Te'o has fallen enough, and get the guy they're going to love having between Woodyard and Miller.

29. New England Patriots - TRADE.

Kurt Warner called up Arizona and made it clear; "if you want to give that kid a chance, give him a Tackle." The Cards trade up to grab up a guy that's simply not going to fall to them, and might not even make it out of the 1st round. They give New England their 4th and 5th round picks to go along with their pick in the early-2nd.

Arizona Cardinals - Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

Did you see D'Anthony Batiste play? The Cards hope Johnson and Massie become the future fixtures at either Tackle spot.

30. Atlanta Falcons - Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU

They really really really need some help at the edges.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Sylvester Williams, DT/DE, North Carolina

Did you see what happened to the Niners-D when Justin Smith went down?

32. Baltimore Ravens - Kevin Minter, LB, LSU

Do they go for a LBer to make up for the loss of Lewis or a Center to make up for the probable-loss of Birk? It could go either way.

33. Jacksonville Jaguars - Barrett Jones, OC, Jacksonville

They need more than a LT on that OLine.

34. Kansas City Chiefs - Tavon Austin, WR, WVU

Geno Smith will be happy, especially if they keep some continuity at LT.

35. Philadelphia Eagles -Jonathan Hankins, DT, OSU

They stop his fall. Hankins and Cox will be a good duo in the middle.

36. Detroit Lions - Datonte Jones, DE, UCLA

They could use an edge defender.

37. Cincinnati Bengals -Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina

As much as fans may like BenJarvis GreenEllis, he lacks explosion. Bernard doesn't.

38. New England Patriots, from Arizona - Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

Not shocking.

39. New York Jets - Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford

A solid S and now a solid TE.

40. Tennessee Titans - Alex Okafor, DE, Texas

Because Kamerion Wimbley has not been the answer. I mocked Chander Jones to them last year.

41. Buffalo Bills -DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

Too bad they still need a QB.

42. Miami Dolphins - Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

Vontae who?

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kawaan Short, DT, Purdue
McCoy gets some help on the inside.

44. Carolina Panthers - Robert Woods, WR, USC

Cam Newton is a happy man.

45. San Diego Chargers - Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor

They could use another play-maker, that's for sure.

46. St. Louis Rams - Khaseem Greene, LB, Rutgers

Another piece for that emerging Defense.

47. Dallas Cowboys - D.J. Fluker, RT, Alabama

Tyron Smith finally meets his counter-part.

48. Pittsburgh Steelers - Matt Elam, S, Florida

Because Polamalu/Clark aren't getting any younger.

49. New York Giants - Oday Aboushi, OT, Virginia

OLine help for Eli and David Wilson.

50. New York Jets, from Chicago Bears - Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

A solid S, a solid TE, and now a solid RB.

51. Washington Redskins - Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International

He's rising fast.

52. Minnesota Vikings - Margus Hunt, DT/DE, SMU

Their D could use some help upfront.

53. Cincinnati Bengals - Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

Because Ben Tate isn't the answer. Green, Sanu, and Patton are a good group. Now with a running game their O could be a unit to reckon with.

54. Miami Dolphins - Chase Thomas, LB, Stanford

What, you think their LBing is great?

55. Green Bay Packers - Justin Pugh, OT, Syracuse

They need OLine love.

56. Seattle Seahawks - Dallas Thomas, OL, Tennessee

Could be a versatile player for them.

57. Houston Texans - Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall

Kevin Walter is a great run-blocker, but his position is WR. Not FB.

58. Denver Broncos - Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky

An upgrade over either the aging Kuper or his backup.

59. New England Patriots - Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers

Devin McCourty approves.

60. Atlanta Falcons - Nico Johnson, MLB, Alabama

LB Sean Weatherspoon is a happy man.

61. San Francisco 49ers - Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma

Because Dashon Goldston wants to get paid more than San Fran is willing to pay.

62. Baltimore Ravens - Travis Frederick, C, Wisconsin

They got a successor to Ray Lewis in the 1st, and now a successor to Matt Birk in the 2nd.

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