Soliciting Tributes for Wes

We've all had a chance to sleep on the news that Wes has moved on to pastures higher, and more oxygen starved than those in Foxborough. Any right thinking Patriot fan should despite their sadness, or lack of sadness, be full of gratitude for the amazing things he has done for us.

I wanted to update and repost my 'letter' to Wes. And invite the commentariat to likewise add their tributes to Wes, and reminisce on the many glorious memories he gave us.

Dearest Wesley,

Thank You! Thank you so very much!

Thank you so much Wes for being the ultimate Patriot!
You put your body on the line for us multiple times. You honoured a 5 year deal, that saw you significantly underpaid with out complaining, while producing over 100 catches a season.
You blew out your ACL, and made it back without missing a regular season game.
You regularly moved the chains, and were a machine on 3rd down.
Your unassuming humour and team first personality, won you a place in the hearts of all our fans. Thank you for coming back and giving the Pats a chance to increase their offer, and to match the Broncos. That was a class act.

We’re sorry for the fans that gave you stick, based on a couple of high profile drops, and the fairly meaningless stat that is drops. Many of them you were always going to struggle with, as being short, with short arms, short hands and a short jump is not the recipe for pass catching greatness. But you overcame your stature, and caught all sorts of balls, even many where Brady’s radar wasn’t as spot on as usual. Outside of your hands, 3rd down receptions were in short supply.

We will miss you, and are gutted you left, especially to join Peyton. We wish you all the best, stay healthy, hit any incentives, and keep catching almost everything thrown your way. If in the sad case, that we don’t make it to the big game in the next few years, then I hope you do, and go on and win it. Even if it mean another ring for Peyton, because you deserve a ring.

You are a Patriot legend, and maybe one day you might return, and get that ring with us. Your first and Brady’s first for his second hand, that sounds about right.

Love Pats Nation

So please add your own thoughts, in what ever way you see fit. And let's start the campaign now to solicit the Foxborough Faithful, to give Wes the warm and appreciative reception he deserves when he returns to the Razor. At least until he catches a pass.

(See the companion post here)

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