Soliciting Support for the Pats

We've all had a chance to sleep on the news that Wes has moved on to pastures higher, and more oxygen starved than those in Foxborough. Any right thinking Patriot fan should despite their sadness, or lack of sadness, be in full support of Belichick and the brain trust, given all they have done to keep us as the premier franchise of the 21st century.

I wanted to update and repost my 'letter' to the Pats, endorsing and supporting their move even if I couldn't have done it myself, and question whether it was the right one. And invite the commentariat to likewise add their backing of the Pats, and exciting hopes for the future, while dwelling on the best of our past.

Dear Bill and Bob, and all your Patriot minions,

On the surface it is hard for us to understand why you’d let Wes leave for such a short and cheap contract at our rivals. Especially when you go and sign an oft-injured replacement in his stead, for a higher yearly average, even though it was for little guaranteed money.

But the surface isn’t what matters. We trust your judgement, and vision for the future. It seems like you think Amendola can do what Wes does, at the same price, but for longer. Maybe you’re right. or maybe you have a slightly different role in mind for him, that you think is even more valuable.

We really hope you treated Wes with the utmost respect, and have clearly from the heart, thanked him for all his service. I think you have, we know that you’d have liked to keep him on your terms. We know you have a lot of respect for him.

Thank you for not being as compulsively knee-jerky, as us fans. Thank you for not Miami-ing all our cap space away on over-rated players. Thank you in advance for sorting out protection for Brady, and boosting the defense in a couple of areas. We know that the last few years haven’t born much fruit in terms of drafting WRs and DBs, but we understand the draft is a hard game to master, and are delighted with your general performance in it this last three years. We are also confident that you can select some difference makers there for us.

Also we know that we have re built significant portions of the staff in recent years, and have confidence that you will keep strengthening the team in FA and the draft, and by hoovering up UDFAs, while coaching these players up. Please humour us while we champion our favourites, and keep trusting your board, and strengthening the team as you see fit.

And finally, just a quick request. Please can we add a few more Lombardi’s? 5 Rings is a bit of a boring name now. Win a couple more Bill, and then sell your boat to Brady, and get Kraft to buy you a yacht.

Yours eternally,

Pats Nation

So please add your own thoughts, in what ever way you see fit.

(See the companion post here)

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