Meet Cal WR Keenan Allen

He is the best WR prospect in the draft. Better than Cordarrelle Patterson, better than Tavon Austin, and certainly better than DeAndre Hopkins.

Allen measures in at 6'2, 206 lbs and projects to run in the 4.4s at Cal's Pro Day

Here's what the scouts say about this guy.

STRENGTHS - Keenan Allen is a tall, long-armed wide receiver who has consistently shown the ability to make great adjustments to the ball while it is in the air. Allen has great hands and high points the football on a regular basis. He has not been helped by the quarterback play at California, but he has shown elite production in college. Allen does a great job of fighting through the press at the LOS. He has excellent footwork and the ability to stop on a dime to sit into an open area. He has quick feet and displays awareness on how to get open. Allen has great balance, hands and body control and can take the slant pattern for a long gain at any time. He has a lot of wiggle in space, looking like a running back and not a receiver at times. He looks very comfortable playing in the underneath area of the defense.

WEAKNESSES - The production hasn't been there as a senior as he has only scored six TD through nine games, before injuring his PCL. Allen isn't a player that has instantly fast speed; he needs a step to get it going. He doesn't have slow feet; he has a long stride and has deceptive long speed. For a big player, Allen doesn't stick to blocks all that well and while willing, it is something that needs to be improved.

SUMMARY - Allen has tremendous hand strength and arm length to go with prototype size for the position at the NFL level. He is an exceptional athlete who displays outstanding speed, body control, balance and agility. He is a legitimate threat on every snap of the ball because of his YAC ability. He has strong hands and plays in traffic constantly, and he rarely drops the ball. He has great reach and uses his body to shield defenders away from the ball. He has great hand/eye coordination and does a masterful job of adjusting to poorly thrown balls. He can win against all types of coverage. Allen can explode off of the ball and he runs crisp routes with the football IQ to quickly break off a route and sit into an open area. He has the strength and toughness to generate a lot of RAC yardage. He is not a consistent blocker in the running game, but he is willing and could benefit from NFL coaching in this area. Overall, he deserves early first-round consideration because of his physical tools playing in the underneath area of the defense, moving the chains and breaking off the long one because of his ability to make plays in space. He is a better prospect than Justin Blackmon was coming out of Oklahoma State, with better speed and better pass-catching ability, and they play a similar game. He is a legitimate No. 1 WR prospect for the NFL level. -National Football Post

If it was not for the injury near the end of the year and his brother's poor QB play, this guy would be going in the top 15. He has lost all momentum heading into the draft for not being able to showcase his abilities at the combine which let other guys rise ahead of him. He currently listed as the 4th best WR on the CBS and nfldraftscout rankings. If his 40 time is not impressive at his pro day, then his stock is only going to get worse. This guy can come in day one, compete and produce for us. And coming from a school like Cal (same school as Veeren) I think he's smart enough to pick up the offense. He is worth a late first round pick.

See him play for yourself, and notice how quickly he beats CBs when they try to press him at the line.

Keenan Allen vs Oregon 11'

Keenan Allen vs UCLA 12'

Keenan Allen vs THE WORLD! (Texas, USC, Washington 12')

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