Upgrading and Improving the Offense (yes it can be done)

I have been wanting a balanced passing attack since the Jets loss [2010 playoffs]. The 2 TEs offense is unique. All the damage is done in one part of the field, TEs are usually slower players so them being the focal point of the offense means you lose a lot of quick strike ability as TEs do not challenge a defense vertically nor hurt a defense outside the numbers (I’m speaking generally here, we all know Vernon Davis is a burner). So in theory the perfect compliment would be 2 WRs that do exactly those things. Give the offense a quick strike component, win on the outside, and challenge a D vertically.

Now I don’t mind having a WR that can’t do any of those things, and only gives the offense more of the same, if he is the same caliber of player as Wes Welker. But that just leaves the other WR on the field to fully fill out that role and balance out the entire passing game. Only a special player can have that ability to make defenses pay equal attention to the outside passing game if the other 3 players all work inside the numbers within the first 15 yds or so. It would take a AJ Green, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald type to balance out that passing game, but we don’t have that.

We don’t really need that either. Teams will always have to defend the middle w/ the patriots before they even touch the outside. We just need a guy on the outside that can win consistently anywhere on the field (but more importantly down field), to make teams at least RESPECT the outside. KEEP DEFENSES HONEST, that is how you score points in tough playoff games. You give what the D is offering you. If they offer the deep ball you take it, and if you can’t take it you will have a hard time moving the if all your inside weapons aren’t healthy (which in the playoffs might not be the case).

This excellent analysis (up above) was done by Chris Kole

I took his post from another thread, in whole, and used it to lead off this 'fanpost' ... because it states what I want to say, pretty much exactly how I want to say it.

His break down above is exactly why the Patriots DON'T need Wallace. Wallace in the end would be more of a liability than an asset, simply because they would have to pay him a huge contract, and when you pay someone a huge contract you try and force the ball to them... or worse, they turn into the next high priced bone-head that can't be integrated into the offense (IE - Ocho).

The problem is the Patriots have had 3 slot WRs the past couple seasons, and no real outside WR threat like being discussed here... Branch, Edelman, Welker... you can shift them to the outside, but that doesn't make them the type of threat we are talking about.

One way to fix it.

Bring in some CHEAP FAs that know the game, are young, and have the size and range to be effective IE-

David Nelson 6'5 215 age:26

Nelson, a former undrafted free agent out of Florida emerged as a dependable possession receiver in his first two years in the league, accumulating 92 receptions, 1,011 yards and eight touchdowns in that time frame. The Bills had big plans for him but a Week 1 torn ACL ended his season after just two receptions. Now, it's looking like Nelson's career in Buffalo may be over, they have a new HC, and are willing to let Nelson go.

Braylon Edwards 6'3 214 age:30

Edwards we are all too familiar with as Patriots fans, Edwards came up big against the Pats in the 2010 playoff game. Edwards has had a quirky career (at best) he's got his own website and if you didn't know better, you would think he was a lot more successful in the NFL than he has been when you visit it.

He is actually an interesting guy, he has gone out of his way, and payed out of his own pocket for philanthropic interests he is involved in. He seems to really care about helping others (especially the young). Now he has had some off-field issues, but when looking at them they are minor, speeding tickets, a DUI (all too easy for young people to get these days) ... not that drinking and driving is ever a good thing, but it is an all too common mistake young adults make... Stallworth, Dennard, etc. have done worse.

Both of these players will

A) Come relatively cheaply

B) Have the size and athletic ability to be an outside threat, and legitimate target in or near the Red Zone.

On top of bringing in these two tall, dangerous outside WRs... you go an draft one as well... either Aaron Dobson, or Justin Hunter, or Da'Rick Rogers with their late 2nd round pick.

If this were the direction the Patriots went, they could have TWO outside threats at WR on any play, big tall athletic guys that the Defenses would have to put their CBs on and play tight, and keep the FS over the top, or risk getting burned for a TD on any play.

The Patriots could also field TWO TEs to attack the middle... plus have their slot guy or RB/HB option (IE - Edelman, Vereen, Woodhead, Lloyd... who-ever they keep on the team).

If they sign players like Nelson and Edwards, they have the players they need to fill that role, that void (along with the draft), but they don't have a lot of money invested into them (like Wallace will demand) and so you can pick and choose how and when to use them, and if they don't work out, you aren't handicapped for another season with a multi-million dollar mistake.

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