Kole's Top 10 Potential Patriots.

This is just a list of my favorite prospects heading into the draft. This is in no particular order.

1. Keenan Allen - WR - Cal

6'2 206 lbs, 4.71 40 Yard Dash

Shocker right? But seriously I've been lobbying for the pats to take this kid for months. If we end up calling this kid's name on draft day I'm gonna be as psyched as ever for the season.

2. Aaron Dobson - WR - Marshall

6'3 210 lbs, 4.44 40 Yard Dash

I ranked him as the #1 WR on my bargain bin list of 2nd round and beyond prospects. He is a pretty complete polished player with upside (I love upside). Think he'd be a great fit for the pats.

3. Chris Harper - WR - Kansas State

6'1 229 lbs, 4.55 40 Yard Dash

Former QB, very aquan boldin esq, big body, weighs in the 230 range. Underrated route runner. Hasn't been playing WR that long so he has a lot more room to grow. I can see him making plays for the patriots.

4. Marquess Wilson - WR - Washington State

6'3 194 lbs, 4.51 40 Yard Dash

Love this guy. Very tall lean, strider, deceptive speed, 1st-2nd round talent, this kid could very well be a star waiting in the 7th round (Would only take him there or in the 6th). He was a monster his sophmore year which earned him a 1st round grade, but got a new coach the following year and things kind of went a little south. He is a low risk high reward prospect like Dennard and I would love to see the pats take a chance on him.

5. Alex Okafor - DE - Texas

6'4 266 lbs, 4.88 40 Yard Dash

Is my favorite pass rusher in the draft. Kicked butt in the senior bowl practices, has played a ton at Texas. Smart, reliable, savvy experienced, fits the prototype of what we look for in DE/OLB this guy has patriot written all over his face. Even has the NFL bloodlines like Chandler Jones. Would not be mad if we spent a 2nd or 3rd on him.

6. John Simon - DE - Ohio State

6'1 257 lbs, 4.62 40 Yard Dash

I really don't know when the league is going to catch on to BB cloning his former players before they leave and then signing their clones later, but right now Mr. Simon is just seen as very similar player to Rob Ninkovich who was seen as a very similar player to Mike Vrabel. Mr. Simon is one Ohio State's best kept secrets being their best pass rusher as a senior and earning 1st team All-Big Ten honors. Typical strong high-motor, high character guy. Productive, versatile, hard worker, smart player. Doesn't have the size to be a 4-3 DE, but could play 3-4 OLB (of course he'll be undersized though). Will probably take a couple years before he starts making an impact like Ninko and Vrabel. Middle to late round pick would be ideal for the pats to take this guy.

7. Bjoern Werner - DE - Florida State

6'3 266 lbs, 4.83 40 Yard Dash

Smart very aware and polished player. Fits the DE/OLB prototype.. Has seen his stock fall due to him not being flashy/athletic enough. He is not an elite athlete, but he is a really solid 4-3 DE. Plays the run well, has great anticipation, and good quickness off the ball. Very durable, never missed a game. The guy is incredibly productive, incredibly consistent, and a very good overall player overall. He may not be elite in any one area, but his balance is what might attract the pats to draft him if he slips to them at 29. No gripes here if that happens. Would love this player on our team opposite Jones.

8. Tony Jefferson - FS - Oklahoma

5'11 213 lbs, 4.75 40 Yard Dash

Another experienced, battle tested guy.. Saw a ton of playing time at Oklahoma, was the QB of their defense, is good in coverage especially going man on slot receivers and TEs, played in the box a lot, plays the football well, durable guy, versatile played like four positions for the Sooners. Has fluid hips (which is HUGE FOR DBs). This guys draft stock has fallen so far, if he was 6'2 he be a 2nd-3rd round pick for sure. He' should be available later in the draft and I fully expect the pats to pull the trigger if he is.

9. DJ Hayden - CB - Houston

5'11 191 lbs, 4,40 40 Yard Dash

This guy has an amazing story. During a November 2012 practice he tore his vena cava (main heart artery), and needed heart surgery to save his life. Smaller school guy. Hayden has McCourty closing/recovery speed (The 2010 version not the "I;m never going to turn my head ever again" 2011-12 version) , he is very good at staying on WRs deep. Excellent in man and in zone. He is rising up the boards. May be be taken in the first round. Great in run support as well. He might be the best CB taken in this draft. He probably won't get out of the 2nd round, so the pats would be wise to draft him pretty early in the 2nd if not the first round.

10. Chance Warmack - G - Alabama

6'2 317 lbs, 5.49 40 Yard Dash

Yes he's a guard I know. Yes it would be boring if the pats spent a first on him. But he is a damn good G, plug and play guy, with great talent. Physical bull dozer of a player, can move guys and create running lanes with ease. Very technically sound, strong, and polished. He can start day one for us and put Conolly in a back-up role where he is best suited. This would be a very safe pick for the pats and would be a great asset to our running attack.

Honerable Mentions:

Cooper Taylor - SS - Richmond

6'4 228 lbs, 4.49 40 Yard Dash

Big tall physical safety with good speed. Not great in coverage (for a safety), but still has good awareness picking off 4 passes his senior year in limited games. If they draft or sign him as a UFA I can see him getting converted to LB.

Aaron Mellette - WR - Elon

6'2 217 lbs, 4.54 40 Yard Dash

Super-sleeper. Developmental guy. Big frame, former hoops star, very productive at Elon which is good to see. Good route runner, has good speed, good hands. Would love to see the pats draft later maybe 4th-6th round.


I forgot Deandre Hopkins, but I think his stock is too high at this point and won't make it to 29. I do think he'll be good though.

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