Why the Pats indeed did draft with a "Win Now Strategy"

First of all, to the buffoons who insist that the Patriots drafted such as Jason Cole who do not think that this is the

case.why would it not be so. Unlike a lower end team who is not consistently in the playoffs, the Patriots do actually

win NOW. Why would BB go," I don't think I wanna go to the playoffs this year," huh? This may seem obvious but the

Pats goal is to win the Super Bowl every year. Now for why I believe that this draft improved the team for this season:

1) Hit Needs

2) Secondary Depth

3) Competition at DE/DT

1): Primary need was at WR. BB hit on that with one field stretcher with excellent hands in Dobson and a smart speedster in Boyce. For the haters who think that Dobson won't be able to catch on to the system, he doesn't need to learn it completely to be effective and boost the offense beyond 2012 capabilities. His athleticism alone will get the job done for what the Pats him to do, create big-play threats. Even down a TE, our roster is stacked in terms of short and mid-range with Amendola, Boyce, Edelman, Jones, whomever not to mention that the run-game can confuse defenses especially with Shane Vereen being able to line-up essentially anywhere. With Dobson alone the offense has improved dramatically, now you add in Boyce and smart,strong, speedster. He may be short but from watching his film, I saw a player who could within the season learn to compliment Dobson in stretching the field or running any other routes required of him.

2): People go on about how the Pats need more Stars on defense. Well, no they don't. What was evident in the AFCCG was how the Ravens were able to exploit the lack of depth on the Pats. Primary example being Talib going down and Cole stepping in. He's not someone you want in that position. Hate on Arrington all you want, but he was asked to play out of his true slot role because of poor depth. We don't need to replace our starters in the secondary, at least not now with A. Wilson and T. Wilson splitting time at SS over Gregory. Talib, Dennard, and Arrington are the starting corners with Arrington in the slot, only. I applaud the Pats for picking up a quality backup CB in Logan Ryan, a guy that does not create a target sign on his back (a bit soon to say, I understand). I like that we picked up a smart safety in Harmon as well, who has great character and therefore will learn well.

3): With the influx of OLB/DE types in the draft (Collins and Buchannan) the competition as we all realize is immense. To be brief, this will help us get the best guys out there. What it does for the DT position is more interesting to me. Guys like J. Cunningham ,and now it seems Bequette as well, can be subbed in for rushing from DT. Add this to Armstead, Kelly, and Deadrick there is a lot of competition for that role as well. Love can now be used to play next VW on presumed run downs and then go back to purely backing VW up. The other guys can step in the rest of the time. The bottom line is that the depth on the Pats has improved in quality even after the quantity is cut down in the stretch to the 53 man roster.

TLDR: WR pieces are crucial even if they aren't stars. They have what it takes to stretch the field. The depth will prevent pure ST players from having to play snaps on D and the drop off in quality from our starters to the backup has decreased.

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