John Simon: Mike Vrabel 2.0 (coached by original Mike Vrabel)



I usually fall in love with certain players in April.

(Last year, it was Markelle Martin, FS from Oklahoma State. Instead BB reminded me I don't know a thing about him by picking Tavon Wilson)

When I fall in love with them, only thing I do is annoyingly bringing up their names on threads again and again. (Which is what I am currently doing with WRs Terrance Williams (Baylor) and T.J. Moe (Missouri))

However, it has come to my attention that a player who has waaay too much connection with Patriots, has never been discussed here. There were so many attributes to like about him and I never like making a 30 sentence comment on a thread, so I decided to create a fan post myself. (Unfortunately, I am not as eloquent or insightful as fellow pulpitters so the best I could do was accumulating reports from various websites and books and summarize them. Please bear with me for that).

Now, with all disclaimers / excuses aside, let me introduce Mr. John Simon aka Mike Vrabel 2.0.

John Simon is a DE/LB prospect from Ohio State University. And who is the head coach of OSU? Yes Urban Meyer, BB's b---h BFF!!! We all know BB loves Meyer's intensely coached up kids and understandably so. Brandon Spikes, Jermaine Cunningham, Aaron Hernandez, Jeff Demps and Tim Tebow have all contributed more or less. (Connection #1)

And guess what! His positional coach at OSU is Mike Vrabel himself! A former true Patriot! (He even turned himself in for a second round pick along with Matt Cassell) (Connection #2)

Mike Lokyo from says:

"Simon reminds me a lot of current Patriot Rob Ninkovich and former Patriot Mike Vrabel in that they can rush the passer from multiple spots (hand in dirt, stand up), but are also smart and agile enough to drop into coverage. Simon always has to be accounted for the offence as he is always a threat to make an impact play. He's a two time captain at Ohio State and plays the game the right way. It probably doesn't hurt that he is actually coached by the player he reminds me of..."

Here is what Pro Football Weekly 2013 Draft Guide says about him:

Fit: LOLB, ILB, OLB Height: 6-1 1/2 Weight: 256 lb

Upside: Weight-room warrior; Rare intangibles; Supercharged motor (relentless rusher); Quick-twitch get-off and disruptive ability; Strong, active hands; Can stack the edge; Strong tackler

Downside: Lacks ideal length; Average agility on his feet (tightly wound); Doesn't have elite burst at top of his rush; Average athletic ability, speed and burst; Robotic in space
Bottom line: Sawed-off, muscular, intense, competitive, highly respected college defensive lineman who could morph into a 3-4 power leverage rusher or potentially be tried in the middle as a "Tedy Bruschi" conversion. Tweener traits could leave as misfit for projection averse teams. (Projected round 4-5)

Did I just see Tedy Bruschi? Connection #3.

Mocking the draft has similar analysis about him (They project him to be a 3-rd rounder)

I am not sure he can play O# like Vrabel, but if he is as strong as he is advertised, he can be a TE in jumbo / goal line package. Only problem is, well Patriots already have enough of those lately.

You should be able to find some clips about him on Mr. Youtube, like this

Lastly I got a perfect quote to conclude this dull lengthy post.

"One guy I'll point out to you is No. 54, John Simon. He's a freak. I've not been around a guy like that, other than my quarterback -- that left-handed kid at Florida, Tebow." - Urban Meyer

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