Are you ready for yet another season of how great Manning is, and Brady isn't?

How many times do you remember ESPN telling you how great Manning was, even before he ever was carried to a Super Bowl by his team, which found a way to overcome his horrid play in the playoffs?

How many times have you wondered... 'if there was 15 sports channels on tv back in the 80s, how hard would they have tried to brainwash us into believing that Marino was great and that Montana was not?

In a recent debate I had with someone, it was a foregone conclusion that Manning was beyond reproach, the greatest to ever sling a football, and Brady wasn't even in the conversation. In fact, the general arguments right now seem to be revolving around Flacco being #2 behind Manning, not Brady.

Flacco vs Brady is real close with Flacco being a big strong 1st round pick, and Brady being a physically average 6th rounder. Brady also missed an entire year with an ACL, Flacco hasn't missed one game, ever. So I can see Flacco at #2.

Peyton Manning has thrown for 59,000 yards. Brady 44,000. Peyton Manning has thrown for 15 000 MORE YARDS THEN BRADY, ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS. Career TD's Peyton manning 436. Tom Brady 334. OVER 100 MORE TOUCHDOWN PASSES WITH OVER 400 TOTAL. THOSE ARE HALL OF FAME NUMBERS. Those numbers are BETTER then Brady's, by a LOT. So put down the Patriots goggles and get back to reality and don't insult me please, thank you. Its beyond fair to have Manning #1, its a kindness just putting Brady at #2. As the numbers back that up.

But what about 10 Division crowns in 12 (11 really) seasons? What about 5 Super Bowl appearances in 12 (11 really) seasons? After all, Brady is only the winningest QB in postseason play... ever.

Peyton Manning's career playoff record is 9-11, with eight One-and-Done postseason trips. Eight times, despite homefield advantages, despite unreal officiating (IE - remember the '05 Steelers playoff game where a clear INT by Polamalu somehow wasn't... or the '06 Patriots playoff game when Hobbs was hit with a face-guarding penalty to save a critical drive the Colts needed... except face-guarding doesn't exist in the NFL).

Remember the coverage Manning got in 2011 during the Super Bowl? Didn't even play that season, and there he was getting more media coverage than the Patriots who were there to play the game. The one season a Patriots fan could hope not to hear about "the greatest player ever to put on a uniform" ... but nope, instead the barrage went on nearly ceaselessly as game time neared.

Trust me, this season is going to be all about how great Manning (and his Broncos) are, and how Brady and the Patriots ain't.

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