Yes, Tim Tebow has been signed by the Patriots. Yes, he is a polarizing figure in professional sports and has a rabid, cult-like following. Tebow's success has been on national display both in College National Championships and in the NFL Playoffs. There is no avoiding the facts.

Here are two absolute FACTS. The Patriots just signed a third-string quarterback who still has to make the team. The Patriots just upgraded their third-string quarterback situation with a player that offers more than Mike Kafka.

Since 2001, The New England Patriots have been the one of the most successful teams in NFL. There is a reason. We use the initials BB. Some just call him Bill. People outside of New England call him a cheater, arrogant, idiot, or desperate. And we Patriots fans laugh at them. We laugh because we know our team is coached by arguably the best coach in the history of the National Football League. I have said it before and I will say it again:

In Bill We Trust.

With a player like Tim Tebow, there is a fear that the circus that follows him will be bad for the franchise. Anyone who is spewing this today forgets who is running the show here. Anyone who thinks that a player will "outshine" the rest of the team and "cause controversy" is simply uniformed.

Remember when Brian Hoyer held all those post practice/postgame media questions and answer sessions? Remember that riveting interview that Ryan Mallett gave on "Pardon The Interruption"? Wait. You don't? That's right. You don't. It doesn't happen here. We are not the Jets. We are not the Broncos. The New York Jets allowed for their BACKUP Quarterback to hold press conferences. The Denver Broncos allowed their BACKUP Quarterback to have unrestricted media access.

There is absolutely no way Tebow's arrival in New England will shake up what has been a tried and proven system. Zero. NADA. Do you hear me ESPN? Do you hear me Skip Bayless? The Tebow Love Train won't even pull into the Foxboro Station on Gameday. He is a backup who hasn't even made the team yet. Ordering your custom made JESUS Patriots jersey needs to wait until the day "Hard Knocks" films giant men crying. Until there is a 53 man list on, you all can just wait.

Now, there is a chance, that a two-time National Champion, Heisman Trophy winner, First-round draft pick, NFL game/playoff tested Quarterback will make the 53 man roster. And IF that happens, the NFL will have cameras on him. will run with GARBAGE articles like James (Call me Johnnie Walker cause he has been drinking) Walker or Pete Prisco's dead brain attempt to knock the Patriot way. Tebow fans will buzz and shout that he should play. And all of it will fall on deaf ears. Bill Belichick is running this team, and there is no one that takes pleasure more in stomping out a media darling than BB. He will simply not allow the media to make his locker room a circus. He will delight in extinguishing Tebowmania until it is his turn to play. If that ever happens...

That said here are some of the reasons I think this is a decent, low-risk move by a proven football system:

- As a third stringer on a team with ZERO Quarterback controversy, he may prove to be of some value. He has NFL game experience and has proven he can win. We ran with two quarterbacks last year and if both Mallett and Brady are hurt, what do you have to lose? There is no way they will "change" their system for a player, he must learn the offense and he will be expected to run it that way.

- McDaniels obviously sees something enough to draft the kid and likes him. He will be the one developing/working with him and is probably the only coach left in this league (besides BB now) who believes in him. Why not take a flyer?

- In a league that the "mobile quarterback" is becoming the norm and so many teams doing a form of the "read option" it makes sense to have a guy on your team who can mirror the opposing teams best weapons. No one has run the Read-Option more than Tebow. Imagine how BB will use him in Practice to run the Scout offense.

- Tebow has been teammates with lots of current Patriots players and has always shown his desire to be a team player. Having someone who competes on every down no matter where he land on the depth chart will help your team. And he must compete on every down during camp just to make the team.

- Zero guaranteed money means you put all the risk and pressure in his court. If he doesn't perform, Bye bye!

- If the Patriots perform a miracle and Tebow somehow develops into a great QB, he becomes trade bait for additional picks and offers flexibility for the Patriots when Malletts contract expires next year.

All in all, this is the classic Belichick/Patriots move. Everyone and their granny believes he can't be a QB in this league. If BB can make it happen and find value, again it proves why he is regarded as one of the great football minds. If not, say hello to every other failed big-top project that have rolled through Foxboro on your way out the door.

In Bill We Trust.

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