Welp the Shit Has Really Hit the Fan

Very disappointed in H-bomb, hope the situation resolves itself, and still hoping for the best for Hernandez and his family. However I still hope the killer comes to justice. However it is not our problem anymore. The pats acted really swiftly on this. Incredibly in fact given the Ravens waited for the legal procress to play out before doing anything on Lewis. This offense has now entered 06 territory imo. Gronk may not be Gronk this season and Amendola's ability to play all 16 games is questionable. And the rest of our WRs are complete unkown. I think we'll still be better than 06 just b/c the running game and the 2 known weapons we have at receivers, but man this is not gonna be the elite top 5 offense we've seen these past several years. I had us going 12-4 before this release. Now I'll probably be happy with 11-5. This is not the arsenal I hoped Brady would have toward the end of his career, with his skills slowing declining, but it is what it is.

We are gonna have to rebuild the offense. The 2 TE set was only speical with 2 elite dynamic TEs and of course Welker. Two of them are gone indefinitely, so now we really have 1 dynamic TE. And he might not play the first month of football. I hate to say it but from what I see now, this offense is worse than the one that scored 13 against the Ravens at home. It's just not as good. The season is not completely lost though, and this is not just homer-speak.

The patriots are one of the best teams at re-invented themselves on offense. They did it most recently when they released Moss and moved to the 2 rookie TEs. They did it in 07 when they brought in that new group of WRs. They did it in 06 with decent success when they lost Givens and Branch. They have done it on multiple occasions in the past. Brady has given us that luxury, but that was also when he was younger. We might be seeing a trade this season. I don't know who, but I see us acquiring a WR this season.

Who knows what the future holds for the Patriots this season, but I know one thing. Through all of it we will stay BOSTON STRONG.

I'm gonna gonna revist the how the schedule breaks down in the comments section

1 Sep 08 NE @ BUF 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

2 Sep 12 NYJ @ NE 8:25 PM Tickets NFLN

3 Sep 22 TB @ NE 1:00 PM Tickets FOX

4 Sep 29 NE @ ATL 8:30 PM Tickets NBC

5 Oct 06 NE @ CIN 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

6 Oct 13 NO @ NE 4:25 PM Tickets FOX

7 Oct 20 NE @ NYJ 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

8 Oct 27 MIA @ NE 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

9 Nov 03 PIT @ NE 4:25 PM Tickets CBS

10 Bye

11 Nov 18 NE @ CAR 8:40 PM Tickets ESPN

12 Nov 24 DEN @ NE 8:30 PM Tickets NBC

13 Dec 01 NE @ HOU 4:25 PM Tickets CBS

14 Dec 08 CLE @ NE 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

15 Dec 15 NE @ MIA 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

16 Dec 22 NE @ BAL 8:30 PM Tickets NBC

17 Dec 29 BUF @ NE 1:00 PM Tickets CBS

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