Way too Early 53 Man Roster Predictions

The Patriots may rely more on the run this year. - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With only about a month left until training camp, here are some way too early predictions on how the roster will look Week 1 Of the regular season.

QB- Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett (2)

-There is no spot for Tebow on this team right now, sorry.

RB- Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Brandon Bolden, Leon Washington (4)

-It could be either Blount or Bolden, but i will take Bolden because he adds receiving ability and special teams value.

TE- Rob Gronkowski, Michael Hoomanawanui, Zach Sudfeld, Daniel Fells (4)

-Ballard not being here is one of the bigger surprises, but contrary to popular belief I do not believe he is healthy enough or ready enough to play. If Gronk lands on the PUP, Ballard will stay-but I expect the Pats to stash away Ballard for the first six weeks, and keep better blocking options on the team for the run game until Ballard is 100 %. I am optimistic about Gronkowski, he can sit out the pre-season and heal up for Week 1 because he is one of those players that should be able to come in and contribute without much prep.

WR- Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce, Julian Edelman, Lavelle Hawkins, Matthew Slater (6)

- No Major suprises here, except for maybe Hawkins. If Donald Jones continues to stink up the practice field, and Kenbrell Thompkins continues his success- we could have a major battle on our hands. For now, Thompkins is a practice squad priority.

OL- Nate Solder, Sebastian Vollmer, Marcus Cannon, Will Svitek, Logan Mankins, Ryan Wendell, Dan Connolly, Nick McDonald (8)

-Sleeper to watch is Markus Zusevics, but overall no suprises. I fully expect Cannon to take over at RG at some point the season, which could make Connolly OR Wendell Expendable. Connolly could make the move back to center, but i would rather keep Wendell. Connolly will be on his way out in the next couple years.

DE-Chandler Jones, Rob Ninkovich, Justin Francis, Jermaine Cunningham, Jake Bequette, Michael Buchanan(6)

-Pretty straight forward here. Francis and Cunningham will prove to be very valuable in their ability to play both DT and DE, and i expect Bequette to find a niche in the defensive line rotation- kind of like Trevor Scott last year. While Buchanan should not really be a factor this year, i would like him to be red shirted his first year like Bequette was last year. After he puts on some more weight and adapts to the pro-level, he could be a dangerous combination of size and speed.

DT-Vince Wilfork, Armond Armstead, Tommy Kelly, Joe Vellano (4)

-I actually thought about leaving Tommy Kelly out because of his work ethic issues. But he makes it based solely on his pass rushing success in the past. I loved Vellano and Grissom (A.K.A Pork Chop) coming out of college and wish there was a spot for both on this team, but Vellano offers too much versatility on the D-Line to pass up. High effort and character guy too, not to say the Grissom isn't.

LB-Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, Dont'a Hightower, Jamie Collins, Dane Fletcher, Steve Beauharnais (6)

-This was one of the easier lists to make. While Mike Rivera and Niko Koutovides are both good special teams players, and Mike Rivera played out of his mind during the pre-season last year, i think the Patriots are absaloutely set at the position with the 6 guys i selected. We have now have coverage capability in Fletcher's return.

CB- Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard, Kyle Arrington, Ras-I Dowling, Logan Ryan, Marquice Cole (6)

-Another well rounded defensive group. Each player brings something different to the table, and if Dowling can finally stay healthy the Patriots pass defense COULD be effective this year. Expect Marquice Cole and Logan Ryan to produce on special teams.

S-Devin McCourty, Tavon Wilson, Adrian Wilson, Duron Harmon (4)

-I love Nate Ebner. I have no idea why, but i love Nate Ebner. He plays special teams with alot of tenacity, and paired with Matthew Slater, the Patriots had a great tandem of special teams aces. But with the arrival of Duron Harmon and Logan Ryan, who are also effective at Defensive Back, Ebner ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe Marquice Cole and Nate Ebner are in a battle for a roster spot, and Marquice Cole will win it out. It makes me sad :(. But on another note, I fully believe Tavon Wilson will start at Strong Safety this year. Adrian Wilson will fill in the money role that Tavon had last year, and it will prove to be a great decision by Belichick.

ST- Steve Gostowski, Danny Aiken, Zoltan Mesko (3)

-If the Patriots were to let go of Zoltan Mesko for Ryan Allen, it will make it even more apparent that football is a business. While Mesko does so much off the field for the community, if Allen proves to be the better punter he will get the job. But i think Mesko is the better punter. So yeah.

Practice Squad Possibilities

-George Winn, Matt Stankiewitch, Kenbrell Thompkins, Mark Harrison, Cory Grissom, Ryan Allen, Stephon Morris, Kamar Aiken

- I know I know, punter on the practice squad. He probably will be claimed by another team if we cut him, but Ryan Allen is pretty good at what he does.

So what are your opinions? Lemme know.

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