In a perfect world for my patriots defense....


Think this team is best with mayo or donta STARTING in the middle and either Collins or ninkovich at olb starting next to em (just a starting lineup, spikes will be great, keep reading....)

The big question is whether donta or mayo should be in the middle. Mayo has the experience and is very good there but I personally think he's best at olb due to his speed pass rushing ability on the blitz and ability to cover a tightend, he's just more a playmaker at olb.... Hightower I think would be in more of a leadership role at MLB and I think that would bring out the best in him... He's basically a bigger stronger faster spikes and would do a much better job covering sideline to sideline, and as a MLB and leader on D I think he would absolutely thrive as he showed at Alabama and will show here for the next decade

Hightower is one of the few "untouchables" on this defense in my opinion along with wilfork mayo and chandler jones.... add mccourty to that list if he has a full great year at free safety amd proves himself tjere, as i think he will and all signs point to....

. talib is the other name that could be added to that list if he proves to be a SHUTDOWN number one corner this year BUT even if he does: if Rasi Dowling stays healthy this year and proves himself to be a starting cornerback level player we may still be able to let talib get his big money elsewhere... It's more possible than people think too because Dowling is the only one on the team that can match talib in talent from a size (6'1"+) speed (4.38-4.44 fourty) length strength athleticism and jumping ability standpoint...

Regardless: Hightower should be a staple at LB and help us to be one of the best in the league for a long time once bill gets it there... He's one of the Seymour's bruschi's Harrison's law's or wilforks that ya lock up, period.

As for spikes: in a perfect world he'd be my run stopping MLB off the bench for situational use and still get a bunch of playing time and make quite an impact... Similar to what Bryan cox did for us, or late career Ted Johnson, roman phifer junior seau type of role as MLB off the bench... Collins would be my starter at olb next to mayo and Hightower but it all depends on just how good he is as a rookie, if he's not good enough YET I'd use him as my sub lb in a pass rushing and coverage role off the bench for his rookie year

Collins clearly has the talent, he's even faster than mayo and he's the size of rookie cliff Avril (6'3" 250), and he can jump out the gym in vertical or broad jump, and clearly he's got some pass rushing skill if he grabbed ten sacks as his terrible teams only passrusher when the opposing lines whole focus was to take him out, plus the fact that he had less PASSRUSH situations when his team was always behind and the opponent could run the ball a ton and preserve their lead...

If Collins is good enough from jump like donta and chandler were I'd like to see him start at that olb spot with mayo and Hightower the other two lb's.... Ninkovich would be my 3rd de and 3rd olb to give all my lb's and de's a ton of rest and not have any drop off at PASSRUSH runstop or coverage when he subs in at either spot, heck some days he might even be an improvement subbing in... He'd get plenty of time and make plenty of impact no matter what...

My front four would be jones-Kelly-wilfork-abraham (yes I'd sign him up for a year with a team option for a second and draft his replacement in the first round of next years draft... Hopefully with the 32nd pick!!!) with ninkovich being my 3rd de to give John and chandler plenty of rest and stay fresh and armstead as my 3rd dt doing the same for Vince and Kelly (neither are spring chickens)

What would really be fun is when I'd go to a 3-4 with so many different options.... Could line up Kelly-wilfork-armstead with jones and Collins at olb and Hightower mayo at ilb... Fun that abraham or jones could play de or olb in 3-4, ninkovich can play olb or ilb on either side in it, mayo or donta can play olb or ilb, Kelly and armstead can play nt or de, spikes can play either ilb spot..... It's awesome the versatility and depth we have up front, especially if abraham and his 10 sacks 6 forced fumbles is picked up, talk about a super rotation and fresh passrushers! Haven't seen a group like that in years, 2007 with Seymour Colvin green Vrabel adalius would be closest I'd say

Adrian Wilson is also an option at lb on passing downs in 4-3 or 3-4 (rodney-esque) with the winner of tavon Gregory and Harmon stepping in at SS in those situations, whoever wins the battle to back up Adrian.

Another "in a perfect world this would happen" factor: if Logan Ryan impresses and Dowling does as well, Arrington will be a special teamer and fifth corner... Now THAT is depth and talent at cb we haven't seen in quite some time.... Talib could make all pro and win Super Bowl mvp this year and still be let to walk to another team in the summer if that happens, because Dowling could replace him as the big super fast and athletic corner to play opposite Dennard (or Ryan?) with Ryan as the 3rd and slot cb (or Dennard?) and Arrington still providing great depth as our dime back and 4th corner plus playing special teams where he's great.

If all happens as it could and should if we finally have a lucky year with health (talent is there, especially if abraham is added to chandler and ninkovich as our pass rushing de's) we will have a top five pass defense this year and top five run defense.... Our PASSRUSH will be best since AT LEAST 2007 (maybe even 2004: mcginest, Seymour, Colvin, warren, Vrabel) and our secondary best deepest and most talented since 2004 (law, Samuel, Harrison, Eugene, gay) with hopefully much better injury luck

PLUS(maybe most importantly): spikes as a cox phifer tedjohnson type off the bench instead of staring MLB would mean a cheaper price on him this summer.... Ninkovich as the 3rd de and backup olb in a half Jarvis green half Gary guyton role instead of the starting de or olb would mean a cheaper price for him this summer.....

It'd also mean that Collins is ready to rock as a rookie starting olb and would mean Abraham got signed and is still as good as he was for Atlanta this season.....

And it'd mean a 4-3 super rotation at de (jones nink abraham) dt (wilfork Kelly armstead) olb (ninkovich mayo Hightower Collins Wilson) and MLB (spikes mayo Hightower) plus a ridiculously versatile deep and stacked 3-4 that we could have the right personnel for any situation....

Not to mention Gregory tavon and Duran as backups at safety for Adrian and mccourty, and talib Dennard Dowling Ryan and Arrington at corner.... Ridiculous depth

Talk about toys for coach bill to play with on defense!!! Might end up being PERFECT for him this year, especially if John abraham is added to his stable.... And Brady will get that offense rolling, the speed talent and skill is there for him to use once they get on same page.... Could be a SUPER season indeed... GO PATS!,,

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