An Early Revisit on the 2012 Draft

The most exciting draft the patriots have had in years. BB making big moves and finally trading UP NOT DOWN to acquire guys he had begged as studs, not once, but TWICE! It was absolute insanity on draft day. Here were my initial thoughts after the draft.

I give this draft a B

Hightower is going to be a beast. Can play anywhere and do a everything at a high level. He will be starting for us somewhere by week 12.

Jones is going to take sometime to develop. I hope he isn’t inactive all season, have a lot of confidence in him to be a very good rusher sometime soon.

The Wilson pick I have zero faith. Don’t think he is any better a safety than Ihedigbo was.
Can’t see who he’s going to beat out to play on defense. His play is just going to have to prove he was worth the 48th overall, hey maybe BB knows something everyone else doesn’t and he’s going to be a great player, but I’m just going to wait and see how it plays out.

Bequette seems like he will be a very good rotational rusher and will just get better as he gets more comfortable in the system. He is also has that size we look for in our OLB/DEs.

Ebert was mainly s STs pick. Not a big fan of those, but BB love STs and if he improves our ST unit then I have no qualms about it.

The Dennard pick was a steal. He might end up starting for us by the end of the year. Actually has very good talent. Love this pick as much as the first 2.

Just to revisit some of my thought, Hightower performed just as I expected; pretty solid rookie year. Hampered by injuries in the middle though. He needs to take that next step to be the beast I thought he would be. Don't know why I had him not starting till week 12. He was relied on as the starter from day 1.

Jones I liked as well and he really exceeded expectations, providing a pass rush early in the season. His season fizzled out by injures though. Still expect him to be a great player.

The Tavon Wilson pick, I hated from day one. It was a very weak safety class, yet we picked one anyway, and one who wasn't even a star in his own conference, IN THE SECOND ROUND. At this point he really hasn't shown me anything to think he was worth that 2nd round pick. I really don't even know where he stands now, b/c he's not expected to start this year and we drafted his replacement or competition (whatever you wannna call it ) for the SS spot in Duron Harmon (which I also am not a big fan of, but like more than the Wilson pick b/c A) it was a 3rd round pick and B) Harmon was a better college player than Wilson).

Bequette I was really excited about. Being an accomplished SEC pass rusher, I thought he could come in immediately and give the PR a boost. Boy was I wrong on that prediction. He's been a ghost pass rusher since he's got here. He's hasn't really done anything in TC this or last year, and was a healthy scratch all of 2012. If he doesn't start to show some ability he might not last till Sept. I definitely wouldn't want him taking a roster spot and seeing a guy like Buchanan, Bernard, Bolden, or Blount, get cut. I think they flashed decent ability vs the Eagles.

Ebert's already gone, like many other 6th round picks not named Tom Brady.

The Dennard pick my analysis was SPOT ON. He was a good college corner, who had one unfortunate badly timed incident and his stock took a nose dive. Perfect low risk high reward pick, and seeing we weren't very good a CB, I expected him to crack the starting line up late in the season and that's exactly what happened. That was as good of a pick as the Hightower and Jones pick. Howvever I'm still a little fearful of the sophmore nose dive our CBs seem to take after having a good rookie year. Just look at our history. Butler in 09 good corner, Butler in 10' benched for Kyle Arrington. McCourty in 10' All Pro CB, McCourty in 11' gave up more yards than every other CB in the NFL except Tramon Williams. Sterling Moore in 11' not as good as the other 2 rookie years, but was clearly our best CB late in the year and was a vital part of a solid playoff defense, Sterling Moore in 12', CUT ... nuff said. I'm praying Dennnard can buck this trend. Either way he was a GREAT pick in the 7th round.

What were your inital thoughts on that draft, let us know in the comments.

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