Borges and Solotaroff making it big and making $$$ off their BB hate *UPDATED

I really don't care much for rehashing the Hernandez drama, or why he lost it, call me selfish or an a-hole, but I have plenty of drama and issues in my own life, with my own family and friends... I watch football, I analyze football as an escape from all that, as an enjoyment... so when some player goes off the deep end, not my problem, and I have zero interest in spending days and weeks following the drama.

But it irks me to see known haters and liars making their living off of this, and once more taking the whipping stick and trying to beat down BB with it.

Ron Borges was on Mike and Mike recently, and was all too happy to point the finger for what happened with Hernandez, in BB's direction.

"Belichick knew far more than he said during that press conference, he told Hernandez to get an apartment, a safe house, to lay low" ... "I'm not saying he, or anyone at the Patriots knew about the murder, but they knew a lot of what was going on."

What he said was almost a quote from that RS article: "per a close Hernandez associate," Bill Belichick told Hernandez "to lay low, rent a safe house for a while."

Well.. we all know Borges has a huge ax to grind against BB, and this was his golden opportunity, as for the other bozo who wrote the article, obviously either Borges rubbed off on him, or he's another hater as well:

In an interview with Wednesday, Solotaroff elaborated on some of this further:

How long did the reporting process take?

I did most of the stuff down here. Bristol was my beat. Ron did the lion's share of Boston. I went up there several times. Met with Odin Lloyd's people, friends, extended family.

But Ron did most of the heavy reporting on the Pats, on the interactions between Hernandez and Belichick this last offseason, the details about what happened out there in California when he was allegedly rehabbing but really just smoking a bunch of angel dust.

You wrote that it was utter nonsense that Robert Kraft was "duped," as he told reporters after Hernandez was arrested. Is it nonsense because he should have known, or he did know and was not being forthcoming?

I left that a little vague deliberately. People have told me close to the team that Kraft has been stepping back, increasingly letting his son (Jonathan Kraft) but most particularly, most meaningfully, Belichick makes all the football decisions, including what goes upstairs. What information is passed along to the guy who runs the team. If Kraft did not know just how damaged a character Hernandez was coming out of college, he certainly needs to hold Belichick's feet to the fire for that because everybody else knew. And if he knew but trusted Belichick to police Hernandez, much like he was delegated to police the other thugs he has been drafting and trading for, then it seems to me that he is guilty by omission.

In another interview, you said Bill Belichick was responsible for all of this. Can you elaborate on that?

From my reporting and Ron's reporting especially, what's come across is that Belichick has been the decider on that team for many years now. Either through attrition or through his own machinations, he has really become the kind of final say on personnel matters. So we hear all of this nonsense about the Patriot Way -- even Hernandez himself was giving it great lip service when he re-ups for $40 million -- but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of it actually being put in practice. And certainly not in the case of Hernandez, who is allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted to do -- not going to OTAs, go out to California to work out on his own, or to drop in on Tom Brady's pitch-and-catch camp out there at Patriots West.

So I think the extent that the Patriots were uninformed or under informed, that falls squarely in Belichick's lap in large part because of the sabotage he wound up doing to the team's security crew by phasing out Frank Mendes and bringing in the British guy (Mark Briggs) to take over team surveillance. What he lost was a very powerful and very broad-based network of state cops and Boston city cops who would call up a guy like Mendes and whisper into his ear. That all went away with Briggs.


Not too biased in their reporting, are they?

I mean really, I agree with those who are screaming 'stop picking up these kids who shoot guns, run with gangs, have major issues' etc. etc. etc. ... but when you start writing and saying things regarding BB like "sabotage" and "get a safehouse" one has to wonder when someone can be held liable for defamation of character... because they are sure trying to assassinate his, and put this at his feet.



As you may know, Ron Borges is a known liar and plagiarizer. He was fired from the Boston Globe for being caught doing this. So I feel its important to add some of the comments that came from Jonathan Kraft recently in regards to this fabricated story put out in the RS article:

"It said that Aaron had told Bill that he feared for his life and that his life was in danger and Bill's response was to tell him to get a safe house and lie low," Kraft said Thursday in an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub. "I actually saw Bill -- I think I would've known if that had ever happened -- but I saw Bill today and I said, 'Bill, did Aaron ever tell you his life was in danger?' And he's like, 'Absolutely not.'

"If a player had told Bill his life was in danger, Bill would say we're calling [team director of security] Mark Briggs, we're calling the authorities."

The [article] also said Belichick had threatened to cut Hernandez if the former tight end committed one more misstep, less than a year after he signed a lucrative contract extension.

"If we had known what people seem to think we know about Aaron Hernandez, we would not have done that deal," Kraft told the radio station. "And Bill would never threaten a player with being cut 12 months down the road; it makes no sense, both in terms of how you're interacting with the player and in terms of the cap.

"Here's the bottom line on the contract and everything else: In our history of owning this team, we have only signed two players who were drafted players after two years of playing. So giving them an extension, a new deal, an extension beyond their rookie deal, effectively their first free-agent contract because we do not sign players early like that. One was Rob Gronkowski and one was Aaron Hernandez, and we commit a lot of money before we had to.

"Our family doesn't like to do that if we feel like we're not making a good decision, and I can tell you that Bill Belichick doesn't like doing that, either. Those cap dollars are precious."

Kraft also defended Briggs and said it was not Belichick who made the decision to replace Frank Mendes, the team's security chief from 1990 to 2003, as had been reported by Rolling Stone.

Because of what he deemed factual inaccuracies, Kraft said he isn't sure how much of the article is true.

"I read that article, it's all unnamed [sources], and yet it appears like people are in some very private moments and got the dialogue just right. Nothing is sourced, and there were four things in particular that I saw and I just know are completely factually inaccurate, I mean not close to being factually accurate. Just inaccurate. So I look at it and I read the article, and you wonder how much else in there is [false]."

The full article I pulled those quotes from can be found at:

Kraft disputes Rolling Stone Article

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