Setting the Record Straight ATTN: Other Team's Fans

Tom Brady didn’t get hurt.

That’s about the only good thing Pats fans can take from this game. That was downright brutal to watch….for the 2nd week in a row.

-- Bronco Mike

Tom looked downright pissed, and rightfully so. But I believe some of that anger should be directed at Belicheck. Brady took a paycut to keep his favorite target in New England. Bill should have swallowed his pride as well.

-- dolphinfan4lyfe

I don’t care how we do it WE NEED TO GET BRADY SOME MORE RECEIVERS!!! I’ll take TO right now for crying out loud. Even Randy in his suit will do. SOMEONE…ANYONE

-- Celtics805

The Patriots are 2-0 ... despite missing TWO starting all-world TEs that back in June... some 90 days before the season started... they expected would be in the line-up starting.

What exactly was BB supposed to do, at the end of June... to replace his top two weapons on Offense?

Were Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham available in June or July in FA and I missed it?

Because that's pretty much what the Patriots had in Gronk and Hernandez... the equivalent of having Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham on the same team.

Gronk has at times taken over games almost as easily as Calvin Johnson can, he's impossible to cover with one man when he's fully healthy.

And Hernandez had proven time and again to be as versatile as a swiss-army-knife and as dependable getting open and catching the ball as Jimmy Graham.

As for the loss of Welker, they have a two-for-one replacement strategy, as both Edelman and Amendola have proven capable enough (even before this season) of filling that role of clutch slot receiver... unfortunately both have proven to be more injury prone than Welker... still, the replacements for that production are there.

Edelman and Amendola are both in their 20s... Welker is in his 30s. Time will tell which was the better move, not the first game or two of the season.

As for all those rookies... they're rookies. Boyce, Dobson and Thompkins have far more potential than Branch and Lloyd do in their mid-30s, or Branch and Ocho. The #2 and #3 WRs the Pats carried the last two seasons.

Of course, there is the very real possibility that throwing them into the fire like this, and having Brady come crashing down on them regularly, does more harm to their development/confidence than it does good... but that risk is a necessity to take, because there is no one else for Brady to target... they will find a way to work these rookies into shape, or the Pats will likely fall on their collective faces this year.

I have seen plenty posts ripping into Dobson, while praising Thompkins on this MB... yet Dobson has a slightly better catch percentage than Thompkins, and has made one or two clutch catches, which is at least as many as Thompkins has made, they are both making mistakes out there. Its a complicated Offense to learn, being run by a very demanding QB that has shown he can be a tad impatient at times. To say nothing of adjusting to the NFL and learning how to read NFL defenses.

The Patriots so far have been pretty unlucky in the health department, as far as receivers go... and that is not something BB can control. If Gronk, Sudfeld, Amendola and Vereen had all been healthy and out there playing last night (Thursday)... I don't think that game would have been close, and I don't think Brady would have been targeting two rookies with half his passes.

The Patriots have to find a way of getting by, as those rookies develop, and until the injured eventually return.

Tedy Bruschi said it best on this topic:

"Tom Brady is holding them to a standard that they can’t maintain, and that’s Tom Brady’s standard. He expects them to be perfect because at times he rarely makes mistakes," Bruschi said. "He has to lower his standards for these receivers right now. The defense is good and will buy him some time.

"I remember back in 2001, we had a quality defense and we had to pick up our weight a little bit more, pick up the slack, because we had a young quarterback by the name of Tom Brady. We had to wait for him. Now he has to wait for them."

And I'll add to that, McD has to adjust his gameplans and what he expects these kids to memorize. Obviously if they don't know which way to cut, which route to run, then the issue is there is too much thinking going on for them out there, and they aren't ready to handle multiple route options and reading complex NFL Defenses yet.

Part of grooming and cultivating young talent is enduring some early struggles, and working hard to get past them.

It's time for Tom Brady and McD to go to work with them... NOT bury them on the bench and go pull some veteran out of retirement.

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