Brady must share blame for offensive struggles

91 attempts....48 completions. 473 yards on the season so far. The Patriots passing game, the thing that got the Patriots the success they have today is just a tick below average. Will it improve? Obviously. Will the young guys get the hang of it? No choice in the matter. Will McDaniels change anything?

No, he will line up the shotgun...91 pass attempts..vs....49 rushes and let his hall of famer win games. Makes sense to me. Were they two plays away from being 0-2? Yes, but, they won. Did they look good in either game?

The defense looks really good. They will win some games for this team. Belichick turned them loose on the Jets and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Gentlemen, my first Patriots QB was Babe Parilli. I have perspective here which does not mean I am right, but, it means I get to compare Brady, to a bunch of other guys. Of course, Brady is the best, but, these last two weeks not only has he been poor on the field, he has been far from a leader.

Leadership is not specifically quantified. As with any human trait, one can only throw a few words at it and hope for the best. The first thing that comes to mind is "example." The man who leads you into battle not only has talent and charisma, he is willing to do more than anyone else to win this fight. These are leadership qualities. Does Brady have them? Watch him in the 2001 super bowl against the Rams in the 3rd and 4th quarters...nobody better.

Tom Brady is under fire for his behavior...composure...conduct both on the field and off the field during these two games.

His "example" is poor. Watch him and make your own conclusions, he looks like a third stringer, grabbing his helmet with each incompletion, shrieking at rookie receivers on the bench and in general, acting like an idiot.

In 2001 Brady took over the offense from Bledsoe and commenced a string of seasons that has put him in the top three of all time, so what? That was then and this is now.

Tom Brady is facing real hardship now and he is not handling it well. A leader gets a grip on himself.

Ted Williams, like Brady, one of the greatest of all time was beyond angry at being drafted during world war two, but, got it together and became a Navy aviator. He was called up from the reserves during Korea and was again outraged at being drafted yet again. Well, he got over it, requested to join a Marine Corps fighter squadron and flew 35 combat missions against the Chinese and Russians (that's right) before getting sent home after contracting pneumonia.

Brady's team would benefit greatly, by his choice to improve the "example" he sets with the offensive unit. As an older person, I try to understand that "hardship" is relative. We don't all get to have the lives of these great heroes, but, Brady should watch his films from the 2001 super bowl and find out where he left that "ice."

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