Analysis: Bucs - Pats week 3 matchup

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have won their first two games, the Bucs have lost their first two. The results could easily have been flipped around for both teams.

The Bucs have turned the ball over and made costly penalties near the ends of their games, and that is essentially what has cost them two wins. The Patriots have avoided costly turn overs and have made definitive plays at the ends of their two games to seal the hard fought for win.

The difference is discipline, the QBs, and some luck.

The Patriots have issues in the passing game because of they are relying on rookie receivers, and the Bucs have issues in their passing game because their QB is playing like a rookie.

Both teams have solid play at Defense, and both teams are currently experiencing some struggles in their run games, despite heading into the season believing they had strong, or at least satisfactory play there.

Key to a Bucs win... they have to come out fast, and put up points. They cannot afford to play a close game with the Patriots, they cannot afford to get in a war of Defenses with the Patriots, because Brady and BB more often than not, will find a way to secure the win in the final minutes of that type of game... the Bucs on the other hand, don't have the type of coaching or QB play that is likely able to do so.

Key to a Patriots win... get turnovers, early better than late. If the Patriots can get in the heads of the Bucs (particularly their QB) early, and steal away a turnover or two... the Bucs currently do not show the leadership or composure on Offense to be able to come back from a deficit, or overcome early mistakes.

The Patriots need to come out with a solid initial drive, and put some points on the board. They do not want to start this game in a hole, or worse, be the team making early mistakes and giving that Bucs' Defense reason to get riled up and motivated.

The Bucs are a team in turmoil at the moment, not overly motivated, not overly supportive of the play of their QB, or their HC. The Patriots do not have to play perfect an entire game... but their best bet for securing a win is coming out strong and having some success on both sides of the ball early... the Bucs are probably more ready to pack it in and call it a day than most NFL teams at this time of year, not only because of their 0-2 record, but internal issues as well.

But if the Patriots let them get going early, and get on a roll... I'd give the Bucs a good chance of getting the win, because this Patriots team has issues of its own, and is not suited for one of those 'great comeback' games.

The Bucs are just too talented on Defense... the last thing the Patriots can afford to do is give that team a 2 score lead to protect... because there would be a good chance that their Defense could do just that.

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