Ranking the top 5 AFC teams

It's only three games in, but I can give you the teams right now who will be duking it out for the top spots in the AFC already.

1. Denver (3-0). Unfortunately, the regular season is little more than a nice little stroll to AFC home-field advantage for Peyton Manning, their worst stretch of games: Nov. 17, Kansas City at home , Nov. 24, at New England, Dec. 1, at Kansas City.

One of the reasons why Manning looks like 'god' until the playoffs, he typically has some incredible luck with getting the easiest schedule imaginable... Raiders twice, Chargers twice, Jaguars... and getting to play the SB champs, week one, in DENVER...really now, SB Champs never start the season AWAY against their toughest competition of the season. But as luck would have it...

2. Kansas City (3-0). Zero turnovers through three games on Offense. They registered 15 sacks thus far, which is leads the league, on Defense. Is there anyone in the AFC right now playing better football?

Oh yeah, the Broncos.

Good thing the Patriots aren't in the AFC West this year, that's all I'm saying.

3. Miami (3-0). Two straight wins against playoff teams (Colts and Falcons), and they looked better beating that top competition than the Patriots have beating up the lower rung teams of the NFL.

It's not that I really believe in them, I don't, but I have to give them credit for what they have done, until its proven otherwise that they aren't as good as their record says they are.

4. New England (3-0). 3-0 is 3-0, and they are getting healthier as they go.

5a. Baltimore (2-1). They were given a spanking on opening day for the whole world to see, they have won two games since, the last against the Texans. Not going to write off the SB champs yet.

5b. Indianapolis (2-1). They beat down a tough 49ers team, in San Fran. And they now have one heck of a duo at RB (Bradshaw, Richardson) to go with one heck of a QB.

5c. Cincinnati (2-1). The Bengals can look like the Bungles of old, at times, but boy are they a talented team. They have the tools to beat any team, any time, on any Sunday... even if they do some of the dumbest things during a game... Just ask the Packers who at one point last Sunday had a 3 score lead on them.

And NO... the Texans don't belong on this list, their best years and best games are already BEHIND them. Even if they do make the playoffs, it will be as a Wild Card team, and they will be one and done. They don't have the QB or HC to get it done.

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