Will a weaker offense result in a better playoff team?

We are living in an upside down world. Brady is an average quarterback, points are hard to come by and Spikes has been run blitzing like a runaway train.

The 2013 Patriots offense is averaging 19.7 points per game.

The 2012 Patriots offense was averaging 33.0 points per game. (after 3 games)

Meanwhile on the other side of the ball?

The 2013 Patriots defense is allowing 11.3 points per game.

The 2012 Patriots defense was allowing 26.2 points per game. (after 3 games)

McDaniels still lines them up in the shotgun pretty much on every play, they just don't complete as many. The receivers will improve and are already, but, I think the world has changed and will remain that way.

Bend don't break, a strategy that drops 8 defenders and allows the opposing QB the time to run around and throw a lot has been officially modified and this is why. The Patriots offense scores less and controls the ball for comparatively less time per game. Life is different. Get used to it.

I am a traditionalist.....which is a courteous way of saying dinosaur. I prefer pounding over the arena light'em up 2013 NFL. Don't worry, I'll be extinct soon. In the meantime, out of the ancient swamps of history comes a Patriots pass rush. Straight up stunting, run blitzes and the coming of age of one of the best linebacker groups in the game.

Who cares if Brady is behind Ponder, Locker and pretty much all the other QB's in the league? He is an experienced 27th rated QB and we love him.

It is about defense this year and Bill Belichick, the man for all seasons, has saved the Canadian bacon yet again by "letting the dogs out." And the dogs are loving it. The Patriots defense has allowed 27 points (34 total, but, 7 was a give by the offense)...9 points a game....they've played 12 quarters. They are allowing 2.25 points per quarter. Ok, their opponents have s%$#ed, I got that, but they allowed 26 PPG against crummy teams in the first 3 games last year.

I am not worried about the Falcons this week. The Patriots might lose which doesn't really matter overall, what I'm excited about is watching Mayo, Hightower, Nink and company handle Matty. The Falconettes are what the Patriots used to be, which makes me happy, because the Falcons suck.

That's right, I want to live in a world where a championship win is not reliant on a freaking flare to a flanker..(fff).

Screw 12 million yards passing.

The heck with 40 TD passes a season.

Who needs being up by 17 points in the first quarter?

Let's gun for the necessary post season dynamics that gets us a bone crushing 14 to 13 Super Bowl win instead of these stupid shoot outs...ahem, that by the way, the Patriots have not been able to win.

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