Tommy Kelly... Jacked to be playing the Falcons.

The Falcons haven't lost two games in a row in years. YEARS! And they don't lose at home.

Now that's a challenge.

But Kelly isn't daunted, if anything, he is excited about playing the Falcons... he sounds like a kid knowing he is about to get a trip to the candy store. He is excited about this game.

"That's their offence," Kelly said Friday. "You got a top-five quarterback, two big-time receivers, Hall of Fame tight end, they're going to throw the ball.

"Whoever is the best, [Ryan is] up there with them, with Tom and Peyton and Brees," he said. "He's up there — top five.

"Me personally, I'm playing pass. I'm defending the run on the way to the quarterback," he added with a chuckle. "I'm going to put all my eggs into that basket thinking they're going to throw the ball."

"All the glory comes from sacking the quarterback," he said, "so if you can't get up for a chance to play a quarterback who throws the ball a lot, you're pretty much in the wrong league."

"You don't pretty much worry about those guys getting out of the pocket unless it's a desperate situation," Kelly said. "So, you can just get into your move and just know he's going to be five yards behind the centre."

Kelly makes that reference after facing three consecutive young QBs that the front seven had to worry about containing, and keeping from making a big play with their legs.

"Just need him to hold it a little bit," Kelly said with a laugh.

You may wonder why any player on the defense would be happy to be facing one of the best QBs in the NFL, and one of the most explosive offenses. A good part of that is. until now, he has not known what it is like to be on a club that began the season 3-0. And he has never been on an NFL team with an elite QB of their own.

"Never,'' Kelly said firmly Friday when he was asked how often his teams have been unbeaten at this point. "Never in the NFL. It's been since junior college and high school.''

And how does that make him feel, after more than a decade of futility on bad Raiders teams?

"I feel wonderful,'' he said, "but I'll feel much better being 4-0.''

And if that weren't enough to make this a big game for him, he will have most of his family in attendance to watch the game and cheer him on.

``I have all my sisters and my brothers and my mom coming to the game, I'll be out a lot of money this weekend,'' he said. ``But it's all good. It's family. You've got to let that ride.''

Kelly, who has become one of the most likeable characters on the Patriots with his outgoing personality and sense of humor, sounds like he is pretty jacked up for the challenge this Sunday.

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