Patriots Week 1 Playtime Percentages: Offense

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Taking a look at the Patriots playing time percentages from week one against the Bills, on offense.

Overall, the Patriots played a high number of snaps (91) yesterday against the Bills. While they failed to move the ball consistently up and down the field in the first half, they did a really solid job converting third downs (11/20) which led to the curiously high total snap total.

Here's a look at how the snap count broke down for the offense:

Logan Mankins G: 91/91, 100%
Dan Connolly, G: 91/91, 100%
Ryan Wendell, C: 91/91, 100%
Sebastian Vollmer, T: 91/91, 100%
Tom Brady, QB: 91/91, 100%
Kenbrell Thompkins, WR: 87/91, 96%
Nate Solder, T: 85/91, 93%
Julian Edelman, WR: 81/91, 89%
Michael Hoomanawanui, TE: 78/91, 86%
Danny Amendola, WR: 56/91, 62%
Shane Vereen, RB: 55/91, 60%
LeGarrette Blount, RB: 22/91, 24%
Zach Sudfeld, TE: 20/91, 22%
James Develin, FB: 18/91, 20%
Marcus Cannon, T: 16/91, 18%
Stevan Ridley, RB: 14/91, 15%
Josh Boyce, WR: 14/91, 15%

Off the bat, we had five players on offense play 100% of the total snaps (91 total): QB Tom Brady, G Logan Mankins, G Dan Connolly, C Ryan Wendell, and T Sebastian Vollmer. The Patriots deployed a wrinkle on the line at times by having LT Nate Solder play as a 3rd tight end/h-back to provide extra protection in certain packages. In those packages, Marcus Cannon swung out to the left tackle spot, hence his 16 total snaps. Cannon, throughout the preseason, worked in at mostly right guard and right tackle. He performed well against the Bills at first glance.

Kenbrell Thompkins played more than any other Patriots’ receiver – taking part in 96% of the snaps. This may have been due to a few factors: the high percentage of plays the Patriots ran out of the 3-WR sets, the injury to Danny Amendola, and his size on the outside. Julian Edelman, the 3rd receiver, ended up taking part in 89% of the snaps as well. Amendola, who aggravated his groin injury, finished by taking part in 56 snaps (62%). Josh Boyce was the 4th receiver, playing 15% of the snaps. I’ll be interested to see if he takes any snaps away from Thompkins in the coming weeks.

At tight end, it was surprising to see Zach Sudfeld take part in such a low percentage of the snaps (22%) after the momentum he gained during the preseason. Hoomanawanui was the primary in-line tight end because of his blocking (86% of snaps). I’d expect to see his playing time reduced once Rob Gronkowski returns to action. FB James Develin split time between h-back and an extra blocking tight end and didn’t have a touch.

Stevan Ridley started the game at running back for the Patriots, but did not play following a second quarter fumble (15% of snaps total). From that point on, LeGarrette Blount (24%) and Shane Vereen (60%) split the load at running back.

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