A Quick Thanks to the Staff

About Twenty-eight hours from now, we'll know whether the Patriots are going to the AFCCG. If the worst happens (and I suppose would the worst wouldn't just be losing, but finding some heart-wrenching fashion to do it in), I will probably disappear from PatsPulpit for a few months - not because I'm a fair weather fan, but because it hurts too much to hang around and read/talk about football when New England is done for the season. It's like a freshly ended relationship; I just need some time away from it all.

So in case we lose tomorrow, I just wanted to extend a deeply felt thanks to all of the writers at Pats Pulpit who make this my favourite sports website to visit:

  • Marima, your daily links with their one line summaries are the best organized and most comprehensive of any blog on SB Nation that I've seen. I know we say thanks fairly often. We still don't say it anywhere near enough.
  • Alec Shane, your Fan Notes are the football highlight of my Monday, whether the Pats win or lose. You're one funny man, and your self-deprecating humour means you're always welcome up here in Canada. I can only imagine how much fun you'd be to watch a game with (as long as you have pants on).
  • Richard Hill, you're a terrific writer both in light-hearted satire and serious statistics. I appreciate the effort you put into all of your posts, and I almost always learn something from reading. That said, enough with the frickin BNOTD already, okay? (P.S. - What happened to the Social Commentaries? Those were awesome).
  • To the rest of the writers and all (well, almost all...) of the fans who post comments, thanks for the great community and entertainment through one of the wildest seasons I've ever witnessed.

Go Pats!

Edit: Total oversight on my part! That's what I get for hurriedly writing something before heading off to the bar.

  • Greg Knopping, thanks for all your excellent insight on football. I didn't grow up playing football, so I don't know all of the ins and outs as well as many people around here, so I appreciate all of the knowledge you bring. Thanks for keeping me educated!

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