Ask a Broncos Fan 2.0

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Hello PP! While I'm starting this thread, I do so more to address other issues. If j-man or Brad or anyone else from Mile High Report is interested in taking over this thing go for it! I'll be doing my own analysis and film work so folks are more than welcomed to go on over to MHR and chat with me there.

I have had a love/hate relationship here at PP. There are some absolutely fantastic and knowledgeable football fans who are great to converse with, and there are others I haven't gotten along with. Bottom line, as soon as this matchup was set I made a peace offering of sorts.

My intention was simple. We have two of the greatest franchises in NFL history, with two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Both teams have overcome so much this year and despite depleted lineups on both sides are the last two dogs standing. I hope more than anything this is a week in which both fan bases can bury whatever hate baggage they have coming into this game.

For Broncos fans, this is the first time we've been to the AFCCG since 05. After years of mediocrity and recent turmoil with the collapse of both the Shanahan era and the McDaniels debacle, we can finally say that our team is on track and has the opportunity to do something special. For Pats fans, this is another jig at the dance but one that has reminded them of glories past.

So Broncos fans, I ask that if you want to take cheap digs at Tom Brady, Belichick, or the Patriots success over the past dozen or so years, leave it elsewhere. Don't bring it here. Instead come with an open mind and intentions to chat football earnestly and without malice.

Have a good time, show em what you know, and most importantly enjoy this experience with a foot on common ground. After 17 weeks of games and a home playoff game each, both franchises have the opportunity to add yet another championship chapter in their respective and illustrious storybook history.

That's all I have. j-man or whoever, you're in charge!

Cheers- Bronco Mike

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