Ryan Mallett Currently Untradable

Ryan Mallett the steal of the 2011 draft according to the Patriots personnel has been in question as a trade option since his arrival to New England. Mallett was the Patriots #1 Quarterback on their draft board in 2011 Mallet has of course played little in the regular season due to our holy quarterback, Tom Brady. Mallet has been given opportunities in the preseason but hasn't capitalized on a consistent basis.

In 2011 Mallett came in and played 4 preseason games and averaged 14 attempts per game in which he played. In 2011 he finished 36 of 63 (57.1%) for 357 yards and one touchdown and interception. (Mallett was eventually the third stringer behind Hoyer). For his first preseason these are okay statistics minding he usually just played a quarter each game. His most impressive was his first preseason game versus Jacksonville in Foxboro where he went 12 of 19 (63.2%) 164 yards and a TD. In that game he lead the Pats back with the help of a sloppy backup cast which is the source for all of our optimism on Mallett. Unfortunately it hasn't been the same.

Ryan Mallett 8-11-11 Pats vs Jags Preseason (via overmcp)

When 2012 rolled around Ryan Mallett was declared the official backup of Tom Brady. Mallett improved gradually in 2012 going 33 of 67 (49.3%) for 300 yards three end zone trips and an INT. His most impressive game coming in Philly where he went 7 of 13 (53.8%) for 66 yards and two touchdowns. Mallett saw time in the regular season in a blur versus St. Louis (1/3 (33.3%) 17 yards) and in Houston where his one pass was an interception. Mallett finished mediocrely especially when he was given at least two quarters per game on average to produce.

Mallett in the 2013 season played even more in the preseason and returned to his 2011 self going 42 of 76 (55.3%) for 447 yards, 3 end zone tosses and an INT. Mallett's most impressive game came versus the Giants where he was 10 of 16 (62.5%) for 116 yards a TD and an interception that almost costs the game if it weren't for Tim Tebow's preseason heroics. Mallett had a rating of 79.5 and the one game where Tim Tebow had time to play he outplayed Mallett with 6 of 11 passes (54.5%) for 91 yards two touchdowns and an interception. Tebow finished with a rating of 87.5 beating Mallett statistically and winning the game for the Pats.

Brady, Mallett, and Tebow at Training Camp 2013 (via ih8theJets)

Let me make this clear I am not saying that Tebow is better than Mallett and that we need to sign him so Jesus is on our side. No. No. No. Mallett though hasn't proved anything really he's just mediocre with a good frame. Mallett struggles with the easiest of short passes and really only focuses on his long ball which is pretty good I will say. The struggles also come with accuracy. Mallett's inefficiency when it comes to the most simple of passes is a concern. Mallett is very developmental still after three years but in all the jury is still out. This offseason will be a defining one for him especially if he has aspirations of landing a starting job somewhere. Mallett right now has zero trade value for what is in him? He's still developmental in many aspects and has no value except being a backup. The former Razorback has the potential but has to unleash it. Bill Belichick believes in Mallett saying in 2011 "He (Mallett) looks like an NFL Quarterback and has the intelligence of one too."

Bottom line don't be looking for trade rumors rather look for Belichick to draft a quarterback late in the draft and see if he can be better than Mallett for his chances are becoming slim to impress.


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