Who Stays Who Goes?

The NFL offseason is a time of renewal of hopes, aspirations and dreams. It is also a time for being realistic. The New England Patriots have 12 free agents set to hit the open market and not all will be back. Mostly in part that returning injured players will fill the replacement free agents brought in over the season as injuries piled up wicked fast for the Pats this season.



LeGarrette Blount, RB - Blount will return to the Pats for 2014 on a 2 year 1.6 Million Contract (1,000,000 guaranteed). Blounts' ground and pound will be needed for the physical teams and when or if Ridley starts to let go of the wilson.

Austin Collie, WR - Collie was very valuable as we saw in week six versus New Orleans and in the AFC Championship. Collie won't be resigned though due to age and injury history and he's not a good all around receiver like he was with the Colts. Unless injury hits the Pats or a training camp spot is open Collie won't be in Foxboro.

Julian Edelman, WR - Edelman will look for money first and take visits to other teams but I believe his connection with Brady is stronger than people might think. Look for a 4 year 27.5 million contract (23 Mill guaranteed). Also look for some players like Vince Wilfork to restructure their deals.

Michael Hoomanawanui, TE - Hoo-Man will be resigned for a $800,000 1 year deal (70,000 guaranteed). Hoo-Man will make it to camp and that's probably as far as he will go. His value comes in the blocking game despite his one handed touchdown in Miami.

Matthew Mulligan, TE - The UMaine product won't be resigned and will be on the injury replacement list.

D.J. Williams, TE - The former Jacksonville Jaguar was insurance and won't be resigned due to Gronkowski's return and a tight end or two will be drafted in May.

Will Svitek, OL - The swing tackle from Stanford will be resigned. Svitek showed value when the O-line was depleted. Look for one year one million (500,000 guaranteed). He will make the roster.

Ryan Wendell, OL - Wendell was the weak spot for the Pats and should not be resigned. Look for Connolly to take Center for next year and for the Pats to find a guard in free agency.

Andre Carter, DE - You have to love this guy. He is old school and has so much class. He will always be a Patriot. Unfortunately we have seen his best and he is probably on to retirement. Patriot Nation will miss this guy!

Dane Fletcher, LB - Fletcher needs to be resigned. Fletcher is a great backup especially with Spikes on his way out a $850,000 1 year deal (300,00 guaranteed) will suffice.

Brandon Spikes, LB - Immaturity with talent. Spikes has the talent but has the maturity of a 15 year old. Save some money and move past him. His run stopping abilities will be missed but his pass coverage is non existent. Jamie Collins is much better and deserves the spot.

Aqib Talib, CB - Has to be resigned without a question. Talib deserves the dough and if he wasn't injured in the AFC Championship I believe it would have been a closer game. Talib is the key. Look for 3 years 20 million (14 mill guaranteed). Belichick wants him BAD.


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