Senior Bowl thoughts

I watched the game, I caught some of the practices, and there were a handful of standouts worth mentioning that are going to impact who goes where in the draft, that weren't on anyone's radar before this week.

First on that list for me is Crockett Gillmore, a month ago I made note of him:

My - 'no one knows him' TE favorite - Crockett Gillmore

Watch from 1:35 to 2:05

and this

You are what you Draft...

by SmashmouthD on Dec 19, 2013 | 8:43 PM

Well you can forget that, Crockett was a late add to the SB, he had strong practices, he beat LB coverage and made some contested catches during the week, and on game day, he was doing an impression of Gronk out there at least so far as receptions go... so much for flying under the radar... more like flying up the draft charts now.

Second on my list is Kevin Norwood just a savvy WR that knows how to beat coverage and make plays. he shined during the week, and made catches all over the place during the game. At 6'1+ and about 200 pounds, he's not the big WR you are looking for on the outside, and he's not the small shifty WR you want in the slot... but he was the best WR on that field.

Arthur Lynch who I've been high on. stood out all week in practices, catching every ball thrown his way practically, setting up LBs, running sharp routes, fighting off the defenders to make the catch... but he was more or less invisible during the game.

On Defense I noticed Jordan Tripp, OLB making plays in coverage, and behind the LOS during the game, not so hot during the week of practices but he stood out come game time.
Telvin Smith like Tripp was playing as a LB, both are 6'3, Smith is about twenty pounds too light, but he is extremely fast in coverage, didn't bite on play fakes, and could easily be used in a SS or hybrid role on Defense.
That has been my mindset for months now, forget trying to find a SS in the draft, there hasn't been one that really fits the bill to come out in the draft in a while, this year is no exception... but a player like Telvin Smith or Boseko Lokumbo could really be an excellent all purpose type of LB/SS player... one that could give them a lot of flexibility, an ideal player to have on the field when a team goes no-huddle or hurry up.

Chris Borland ILB may only be 5-11, but the kid can ball Tedy Bruschi like, he was in control. he was calling out defensive adjustments, he was shedding blocks, he was making tackles. And during the week he even snagged a couple interceptions. He's one of those guys that don't fit the mold (like Bruschi) but just know how to make plays, who-ever gets him might just be nabbing the type of difference maker the Bills got in Kiko Alonso.

This draft is heavy in TEs and Linebackers... by heavy I mean that is where some exceptional talent lies... RB is incredibly deep... teams will be able to select RBs in the 7th round this year that I'd take over 1st rounder Maroney any day of the week.

Not really sold on any O-linemen or D-linemen... don't think the strength of the draft is on the lines this year. At least, no one stood out in the game, or dominated like I have seen in past years during the week.

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