Thoughts on the Fitz trade

Do the Patriots really need this?

Surprisingly, I find myself thinking they do. And thinking it could work out the best for all parties, and here's why:

Considering the high price tag of Fitz, you have to have a high price tag player to balance things out going to Az.

Logan Mankins would be the ideal player to trade to the Cards. New O-line coach, new players will be coming onboard to the o-line anyway, so what does one more new face matter? They will either piece together a solid o-line this season, or it will be a disaster, with or without Mankins.

But In order to make this viable for the Cards, you would have to give them something other than a very good Guard. The minimum you could probably get away with is probably a 2nd round pick in next year’s draft, with language in there that would upgrade it to a 1st round pick if Fitz did something like get 1,500 yards and they won the SB.

Why would the Cards do this?

Well for one, Fitz is a huge Cap hit. By huge, I mean, top tier QB salary... huge.

They are getting a player in return that would be a solid addition for their O-line, and since they are one of the few teams in the NFL that has a QB even less mobile than Brady, it’s not a total rip off of a trade, and it’s a lot smaller hit to their cap.

Now I’m no contract expert… but the cap hit for Fitz is 18 million, 12 million or so in salary… and 10 million in dead money if he is cut/traded/whatever… and Logan has 8 million in dead money if he is cut/traded/whatever… so I don’t know how that all works out… or if it can work out… but the contracts, dead money, etc… are similar enough to make the hits comparable, and the salaries comparable enough so as a deal could perhaps be done that wouldn’t just wipe out either team’s caps for the next two years.

So why would the Pats want to do it?

To have a legit #1 WR that could come here and have a renaissance season similar to what Moss had, at a similar age. And lets be honest, any team willing to throw away 6 million and a couple draft picks for one season of Ocho, at the age 33+, should be willing to spend twice that for a player that is actually intelligent enough to grasp this offense and take off in it, and has the work ethic to mesh with Brady and not give him an aneurism with his idiocy on the sidelines and drops on the field.

Another good reason is Dobson, Boyce, and Thompkins… if you want them to be their best, then you want them to learn from the best. And anyone who knows anything about Fitz’s work ethic and history, knows he would be an excellent role model, and mentor for these kids.

Because of things like this quote from Mike Reiss:

"After about 15 minutes in which Fitzgerald was rattling off stats about Bill Belichick and explaining coordinator Matt Patricia’s defensive scheme, I remember thinking, "Belichick would love to coach him because he thinks and lives football the way Belichick wants his players to."

It was one of the most impressive interviews, if not the most impressive interview, I’ve had with an opposing player in recent memory."

And, on the business side of the house… it would sell tickets, and get fans amped up for the season. Lets face it… Herndo going psycho… Gronk being made of glass… Welker walking off to Denver to get a SB ring with Forehead. They could use some Big Noise news to get 2014 moving in the right direction.


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