Thoughts on the offseason: Superbowl Edition

1. Before the Patriots even think about adding some quality talent to the roster, they need to address some ugly contracts in house. They barely have any cap room to work with, and need as much space as possible. Right off the bat I would part with Isaac Sopoaga and Adrian Wilson. When it comes to Dan Connolly, it really depends who else they bring in and how much confidence they have in the people on the roster. I don't know much, but if it were up to me I would part ways with Connolly and start Marcus Cannon at RG. Then I would add an interior lineman through the draft. I think the team should take the restructuring approach when it comes to Wilfork, and if he is not willing--part ways. He is 32 and coming off an achilles injury, and is not worth the money he is being payed right now.

2. The knee-jerk reaction to Danny Amendola's underwhelming season is to call for his departure, but I encourage patience. Cutting Amendola would not help the Patriots at all this year when it comes to cap room, and they would create an unnecessary amount of dead cap space. He was fighting through that groin issue the whole year, and people forget that he pretty much won the week one game at buffalo. Don't overreact people, give it another year.

3. I am not on the "trade Mallett" bandwagon for a few reasons. Firstly, he does not hold much value on the trade market....which is fine. Sure the Patriots might have foreseen netting a first round pick for his services, but turns out they got a cheap backup that they feel can be counted on. See the contract Chase Daniels and Kyle Orton got recently? The Patriots have saved a lot of money by drafting Mallett. Secondly, after what I saw this past season, Mallett may actually have a chance to be the future of this franchise. The clock is starting to near zero on Brady's career, so why not keep developing Mallett? If Brady plays one more year, which I think is likely, they have a familiar player they can resign. Besides, the kid can shoot it. No point in trading the guy and drafting another QB in his place.

4. There is a ton of value out there on the free agent market this year, you just have to dig to find it. If I am the Patriots, I would take a long and hard look at adding DE Lamaar Houston. The former raider is a young, explosive, and big DE for Oakland and would be a great addition. I also like the idea of bringing in Kansas City OG/OT Geoff Schwartz. He has got some versatility, and would be a good veteran presence. In the passing game, the Patriots could solidify the WR core with the additions of Emmanuel Sanders and Danario Alexander. Sanders is a smaller and shifty target, while Alexander is a huge red zone threat.

5. Notre Dame Offensive Lineman has been a popular mock to the patriots, but I am starting to feel differently. Martin is best fit for a zone blocking scheme like they run in Houston, while the Patriots run a man blocking scheme. I like Gabe Jackson from Mississippi St. He is a road grader, and has decent ability to get to the second level.

Mock Draft: Superbowl Edition

Round 1: Stephon Tuitt, DL Notre Dame

Round 2: Gabe Jackson, OG Mississippi St.

Round 3: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE Iowa

Round 4: Jordan Zumwalt, ILB UCLA

Round 6: Cody Hoffman, WR BYU

Round 6: Ross Cockrell, CB Duke

Round 7: Tom Savage, QB Pittsburgh

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