Tom Brady - The Mighty (Hated) #12



I was sitting in my room, just looking through the NFL’s Facebook page when I came across a post that mentioned things about Brady and Manning. So I decided I should go check out the comments.

Although there were some good things about Brady, most people were just bashing on him left and right. Saying things like "Brady sucks" which is horribly untrue, and if you say that you’re being tremendously ignorant.

Also saw that there were a ton of comments regarding his sexuality… OK then, why don’t you check his supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen, who makes more money than him per year, and then get back to me on that one. Capiche?

I saw countless other insults towards him and his playing abilities, but I was just highlighting a few. But the one that got to me, (this one was most likely the comment which made me want to write all of this) the one that really got to me, was someone who said, "Brady isn’t a Top 5 QB of all time; he’s not even in the Top 10. Most overrated QB."

Wow. Let me to lay out a few accomplishments, records, and stats that Brady’s got for ya’. (Not to mention ones that he broke, which have now been broken.)

- Most playoff wins ever (17 - 7)

- A .775 win percentage with 148 wins – 43 losses (Regular Season)

- 3 time Super Bowl Champion, appeared in 5 Super Bowls (2001, 2003, 2004 – Appeared in 2007 and 2011 Super Bowls, lost both)

- 2 time NFL Super Bowl MVP (2001 and 2003)

- 2 time AP NFL MVP (2007 and 2010)

- Elected to the Pro Bowl 9 times (2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

- AP Male Athlete of the Year (2007)

- AP NFL Comeback player of the year (2009)

- 63.4 completion percentage (Career)

- 359 Touchdowns – 134 Interceptions (Career)

- 95.7 Passer Rating (Career)

- NFL 2000’s All-Decade team

- 13 Time AFC East Champions

Again, those are just some of his accomplishments. Since he is an Active Quarterback, there are numerous other records, accomplishments, and stats that Brady can compile. Anyone in their right mind would look at that list and say "Wow, that guy is good." But to some people, ignorance blinds them. So I suppose that saying is true for all the Brady haters; "Ignorance is bliss".


Now I know some of you will go on about how "The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since Spy Gate, Brady isn’t good". Please think about what you just said. Tom Brady’s record is 17-7 and still pending. (He’s still got to play the 2013 playoffs, plus all the other playoff games he gets to in years forth. But I’m not here to predict that right now) Those 17 wins are the most by any QB that has ever played the game. In his first 10 playoff games, he didn’t lose one. The New England Patriots became a Dynasty by winning the ’01 – ‘03 – and ’04 Super Bowls.

But if it weren’t for miraculous plays by the 2007 and 2011 Giants, I’m not too sure we would even be having the discussion of if Brady is one of the All-Time Greats if not the Greatest Ever. The Patriots were literally inches away from winning two extra Super Bowls, not to mention capping off a perfect regular season by winning the Super Bowl AFTER finding out about, and the banning of Spy Gate. But David Tyree’s "Helmet Catch" and Mario Manningham’s amazing catch spoiled those two chances. Otherwise, Tom Brady would hold the record for QB’s with 5 total Super Bowl wins.


Let’s take a minute to analyze that 2011 Patriots team which made it to the Super Bowl, though. They finished the season ranked 31st in total defense, let the opposing team get through them 43.1% of the time on 3rd down (ranked 28th), and a middle of the road 21.4 Points per game allowed which ranked the Pats at 15th.

"But how did they make it to the Super Bowl with such atrocious numbers on defense?" you ask? Simple answer: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots offense. Their high-octane type offense led them there. Posting up numbers was a crucial factor for Brady in 2011. He finished with 401 completions, a 65.6% completion percentage, and 39 touchdowns compared to just 12 interceptions. He steered the Pats to 513 total points (3rd in the NFL). And it’s always a plus to have the likes of Gronk, Hernandez (I know, I know), Welker, and a decent year from the old Deion Branch.

But what I am obviously getting at is that Brady can "put da team on his back doe". Without future Hall of Famer Tom Brady on that offense, their defensive struggle would have been just too much for them to overcome. Plus you have to love what Brady was able to do this season, bringing the Patriots to a 12-4 record with not much to work with, kudos to him.


I’m still going to talk about this, but I think we all can agree it’s like asking a Liberal to vote for a Conservative candidate. Everyone has their own opinions, and there really isn’t a way to change people’s opinions on this subject. This is the most well-known Quarterback debate in the NFL. Brady vs. Manning. People will argue that the only reason that Brady has 3 Super Bowl wins is because of the Defense, or Adam Vinatieri.

But let me remind you of the Game winning drive Brady posted up with under two minutes left against the heavily favored St. Louis Rams to SET UP the Vinatieri kick. Just listen to how John Madden doubts what Tom Brady and the Patriots were doing.

Final drive of Super Bowl 36. (via skuool1)

People say that the Defense was the only reason Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowl wins vs.Peyton Manning’s 1 Super Bowl win. Again, football is a team sport, and as the saying goes "Defense wins championships". Of course, that can be true or not true, but I would have to agree to for the most part. You would have a MUCH better chance to win a Super Bowl with a stout defense.

The question that would arise though is "Well how come the Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl in 2007 with a good defense then, huh?" That question has already been answered above, but to summarize it: The New York Giants got hot in the playoffs, had a great defense, got a very lucky play on which Eli Manning escaped from the pressure, avoided a sack, threw the ball to David Tyree, who caught it on the top of his helmet.

And at this point you would say "If Peyton Manning had a good defense, there’s no way he’d lose a Super Bowl!" Well he did have a good defense… and he did lose a Super Bowl. If you can remember correctly, the 2009 Colts played against the Saints in the Super Bowl and lost 31-17. Manning had a good defense which was ranked 8th overall that year. There goes that argument.

Now to get into actual head to head matchups of Brady vs. Manning. Brady is 10-4 overall against Peyton Manning. Brady as well owns their playoff matchups 2-1. So even if Manning does win against the Pats this year, they’d still only be tied.

Manning has the regular season stats; Brady’s got the postseason stats and the better win percentage. And in a league that’s all about wins, I can tell you now that Manning would gladly trade with Mr. Brady. (P.S. – on a side note, Manning has had better receivers to work with, especially in his early years, and recent years. Also, Peyton Manning has had 8 one and done’s vs. Brady’s 2. There’s a big stat for ya’. Now since I’m writing this before the Divisional round of the playoffs, Brady might get to 3 one and done’s, and Manning might get to 9, so we’ll see but that’s still much more than Brady, regardless.)

The Quarterback has to put your team in a position to win the football game and that’s exactly what Brady does (especially in the playoffs. You can’t say it "was all the Defense" or "their kicker was the only reason they won".) Let me remind you again: Football is a team sport. A quarterback doesn’t win a football game by himself. He puts his teammates in a position to win, no matter how he does it. Whether it be putting up a huge amount of numbers, coming in clutch in the last few minutes, or keeping the game at a steady pace. And that is exactly what Brady does more often than any other Quarterback when it matters most, especially in the playoffs. That’s why I think Brady is the better quarterback of the two, and a main component of why I think he’s the best ever. But I’m not going to get into THAT.

You can have your Manning, I’ll take my Brady.


Here’s for all you folks who say things like this pertaining to this subject:

"The Patriots went 11-5 without Brady in 2008 and the Colts went 2-14 without Manning in 2011. Some QBs make a team look better, some teams make a QB look better. ;)"

Let's do some math.
The Colts got to 10-6 (Really 10-7 because they lost to the Jets 17-16 in the playoffs) the season before Manning got injured, then they took a dive and went 2-14.
The Patriots went 18-1 with Brady and then he got injured, so they fell to 11-5, and they did not make the playoffs.

10 wins minus 2 wins is 8
18 wins minus 11 wins is 7

There's a one game difference between when Manning went out and when Brady went out.

The Patriots didn't do worse than 11 wins because:

A.) Bill Belichick is one of the Best Coaches of all time (Don’t argue)

B.) Matt Cassel is a decent starting caliber QB (As he has shown on many occasions. For example; He took the Chiefs to a 10-6 record and got them into the playoffs)

C.) The year after Brady went down they had virtually the same roster of an almost perfect team; of course they would be pretty damn good.

But it all boils down to people being ignorant and saying "Oh Manning's better his team went 2-14 and Brady's went 11-5".

8 wins and 7 wins were the difference between the two team’s seasons after their QB got injured. That's a one game difference in itself. Don't be ignorant, do simple math and have common sense.


Oh, Spy Gate.

The incident that caused Bill Belichick to be fined the NFL Maximum of $500,000, costing the Patriots $250,000, and having to give up a first round draft pick for spying on the opponents signals. And try this on for size, one of the most overblown incidents the NFL has ever seen.

The New England Patriots were sternly punished for filming another team from the wrong position on the field. And the reason it was horribly overblown was because Bill Belichick misinterpreted the new rule. "Wait… did he just say new rule?" Yes. That’s exactly what I said. The rule was enforced because several teams were practicing the act of filming other teams. Not only the New England Patriots. Bill kept on doing it because he didn’t know it was wrong. The Patriots stopped immediately after the NFL told them they were committing a wrongdoing and punished them.

I don’t really feel like writing about this topic because it really isn’t relevant. It was made bigger than it really was and many false reports about it were made. So if you really want to know what’s up with Spy Gate, check out this article on Bleacher Report I just found.

Have at it. But don’t comment ignorant things about Spy Gate until you read that article.


Tom Brady had extreme adversity coming into this league. Usually, the successful quarterbacks in the NFL are taken in the first few rounds. For example, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton… All poised for success and greatness from the minute they entered the draft.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. – on the other hand, did not get picked too quickly. Brady was just a not too well known QB out of Michigan who just won the Orange Bowl. There were 6 Quarterbacks picked before him; Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger, and Spergon Wynn. None of which who had any success relative to Tom Brady. Chad Pennington wasn’t too bad, but he really didn’t "shine" like Brady did.

Brady was drafted in the 6th round… 199th overall. He was by far the greatest draft steal of all time. He was one of 4 quarterbacks at New England when he first came to the league, and only made it because Bill Belichick saw his potential and kept him. That’s a little lucky if you ask me.

Tom Brady thought that he would be on the sideline eating Cheetos for his whole career. But obviously, it was quite the contrary. With having one of the most prolific careers the National Football League has ever known, he proved himself.

On another side note – Brady has the intangibles. He was one of those QB’s who was underrated, saying things like "He doesn’t throw a tight spiral, too skinny, very slow" but he had the things that couldn’t be rated through a combine. His ability to be clutch, his mental toughness, and his genius instincts as a play caller, always calling the right plays at the right time.


I know a few of you out there just can’t take it, and will still doubt everything that has been said in this article and I accept that. Some of you just won’t stand for it. But if you can ever get past that hatred that clouds your mind, and get over the fact that the only real reason you don’t like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots is because of their continued success, maybe you’ll see the truth about Brady. The Mighty #12.


(P.S. - This is my first go at writing a sports article and I want it to be my career. Can you tell me how well I did? Not if you agree with it or not, but writing wise. And in the comments, why don't y'all compare Brady to the older Quarterbacks? I'd like to see what y'all think about Brady's stats compared to theirs, and if they were put in todays league or vice versa.)

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