Unconventional Mock Draft: No Amaro, ASJ, Niklas, Lynch, Fiedorowicz or Lyerla version (aka List of flying under the radar prospects)

I m a nonconformist. I am that annoying kid in classroom who tries to impress teachers by coming up with an alternative solution / methods. I take a lot of pride in being unique and creative. I strive for doing something that others don't do. Doing what's expected is boring.

General consensus is that Patriots will draft one of the following: Amaro, ASJ, Niklas, Lynch, Fiedorowicz. Another popular opinion is to take a flyer on troubled Colt Lyerla and let BB brainwash him into a straight up man.

I wholeheartedly agree with these ideas. There is no reason to dislike the them...besides the fact I see the theme too often = boring.

Therefore I am now unleashing my "I want to be unique" Hank and postulating a mock without 1st round TE and Colt Lyerla. You can pretty much treat this as my personal favorite under the radar prospects list that have not been talked here a lot (which means it's subject to change as time goes on). Here are some presumptions:

1) Patriots trade out from 1st round and acquire an early 2nd + 3rd + 7th, just like last year: I highly doubt BB can fleece a team like this two years in row, but for the sake of argument, let's assume a team who wants to get likes of Blake Bortles / Johnny Manziel / Derek Carr in late 1st decided to dance with BB.

2) Eric Ebron, Louis Nix III, Ra'shede Hageman are gone before our picks: Trading out of 1st while these prospects are still available is simply dumb.

3) Aqib Talib will be resigned.

Early 2nd Gabe Jackson OG (Miss St) / Late 2nd Travis Swanson C (Arkansas):

Lets face it. You can blame McD, the lack of talent / chemistry / experience among WRs & TEs (and Josh McD) all you want, but if you give Tom Brady a great protection on consistent basis, he can make chicken soup out of chicken poop. On the other hand, he can't do a thing if his interior OL breaks down consistently even with Peyton's receivers, because alas, Brady is not Russel Wilson. I know there are a glut of quality OLs in FA but it would not hurt to get some talented rooks who can be taken under veterans wings. It is not that I particularly like these guys because I have seen them play extensively, but I chose them because of 1) their size 2) SEC factor.

Early 3rd Telvin Smith OLB/SS (FSU):

As we all know, defending RBs / TEs in passing game has been an Achilles Heel of our D#. Not to mention a vast majority of NFLs teams are now taking a page out of BB's playbook and employing two TE sets. As much as we are thrilled to see what Jamie Collins can do with more seasoning, in order to deploy him everywhere, additional coverage LB will be necessary. Not to mention his freakish athleticism and instinct can be used on STs.

More detailed analysis (with lots of gifs) can be read here.

In addition, words are heard he has had uncanny leadership both FSU and Senior Bowl.

Late 3rd Richard Rodgers TE (Cal):

This is where I will get crucified. People are more adamant about getting "traditional" TEs such as Arthur Lynch or Cj Fiedorowicz. I strongly disagree. I want every TE to be in the different mold. More diversity = better. I want pair Gronk with our own Julius Thomas and Marcel Reece rather than lesser version of himself. This Rodgers kid will take the Julius Thomas role, AKA "glorified TE."

This kid got some serious speed for his size. (6-4 245lb)

He went to a high school in Central Massachusetts and he is a son of a special team coordinator of Carolina Panthers. I hardly think he will go gangsta.

His college numbers may concern you but Cal fans have equivocally expressed how he was mis / underutilized in the offence (along with questionable QB plays)

Early 4th Justin Ellis DT (Louisiana Tech):

I am off Daniel McCullers bandwagon. Reports during Senior Bowl constantly said he is too one dimensional.

Instead, I am now leaning to a Senior Bowl riser who is also a big man yet can also collapse a pocket.

Justin Ellis/DT/Louisiana Tech: We touched on Ellis during East-West Shrine Game practices when he impressed scouts throughout the week. The big-bodied defensive lineman came prepared to perform at a high level at the Senior Bowl and stepped up his game. He beat blockers with quickness, power as well as technique. Ellis, 6-foot-2, 342, competed every time he was on the field and scouts love his size and ability to make plays in lateral pursuit or hold the point of attack.

Late 4th Taylor Hart 3-4DE/DT (Oregon):

This opened my eyes. Chris Jones was a great revelation, but he was largely ineffective when used as a 3-4DE. And BB's D# strives for being a chameleon by deploying different looks. The lack of DE/DT hybrid is something that needs to be addressed. Enter Taylor Hart.

STRENGTHS: Possesses a stout frame and long arms, well-suited to handling the tough duties along the line of scrimmage. Much better athlete than he looks. Surprisingly quick off the snap, uncoiling to knock would-be blockers onto their heels and showing good power for the bull-rush to collapse the pocket. Good lateral agility and balance to "play the keys" down the line of scrimmage. Excellent recognition of screens and draws, using his height and awareness to quickly diagnose the play. Strong hands and long arms help him quickly break free from blocks and get into position to make the play near the line of scrimmage. Good strength to rip away the ball while making the tackle. Versatile. Has lined up as a defensive tackle, nose guard and even as a standup outside linebacker, on occasion. Durable. Played in 53 games over his career, starting every game over the past three seasons.

Watch how he plays against screen plays. I see a bigger and more power Rob Ninkovitch here. He's good at shredding block to make tackles too.

Early 6th Chris Coyle FB/TE (Ariz St) :

Somehow Josh McDaniels likes to split FB James Develin wide to a slot position in shot gun. As much as Develin's dirty work has been under-appreciated, there is a reason why full time FBs are going extinct. FBs nowadays need to be able to contribute in passing game as well. Enter Chris Coyle, taking our Marcel Reece Role.

He has lined back in slot, traditional TE, H-Back...this guy is the closest thing to Reece or Jordan Reed IMO.

Late 6th Aaron Colvin CB (Oklahoma):

This poor kid tore ACL during Senior Bowl practice. Before injury, he was rated as 2nd-3rd rounder. I smell nothing but BB's value pick from him.

Early 7th (Whoever dev.QB available):

Self explanatory. Just draft who can hold a clip board and be Tom Brady's waterboy after Ryan Mallet leaves.

Late 7th Marcus Lucas WR (Mizzou)

Late 7th may be a tad too late to address a tall WR, but if we are to draft a "glorified WR" type TE earlier, I think we can get away with it. While his counterpart L'Damian Washington has been getting slightly more publicity, this 6-5 220 lb WR, IMO, may be better fit to our offence. One, he seems like a better jumper and hand catcher than Washington. He has shown some incredible one handed catches here and there. But the biggest asset may be the fact that he primarily a slot position this year because of Washington and Dorial Green-Beckham (who will be the best WR in 2015 Draft) You read it right. A 6-5 220 lb slot receiver.

This season, it meant sacrifice for Marcus.

Under first-year offensive coordinator Josh Henson, Marcus was converted to a slot receiver — an unusual move for a 6-foot-5, 220-pound speedster.

"It’s a challenge, but it’s something I welcomed and put all my time into," Marcus said. "It’s been paying off so far, but I just try to be wherever they need me to be honestly and try to contribute as much as possible wherever the offense needs me."

Therefore, he can work with Dobson or KT without being redundant. Let's throw him to the wall with Mark Harrison and see which one sticks.

Bonus Track

Alternate late 7th pick / Priority UDFA: Gator Hoskins TE/FB (Marshall)

Did I mention I want a Marcel Reece clone? Let me emphasize that by introducing a guy named "Gator."

Hoskins (6-foot-2, 242 pounds) had six receptions for 104 yards and two touchdowns. That gives him 15 TDs on 50 receptions this season and 30 touchdowns on 99 career receptions; that means a bit better than 30 percent of his career receptions have resulted in scores.Hoskins is a prime candidate to be converted to an H-back or even a pass-catching fullback in the NFL; he seems to be a potential third-day draft pick. Along with lining up at the normal tight end spot and at fullback this season, he spent time split wide and in the slot for the Herd. And he can get deep: He averaged 16.4 yards per catch on his 50 receptions this season.

This undersized TE runs route & catches a ball like a WR. Reminds me of another "Gator. "Don't mind to draft him in Chris Coyle's spot (early 6th).

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