The Patriots: A New Dawn?

Part 2: The Draft [Crazy, but is it really?]

Round 1: Pick 1

Jadeveon Clowney, DE

- I think this guy is that good and in Coach Bill’s system he is going to thrive. I project him to be a Hall of Fame player one day. He would provide depth at DE in his rookie year and could be used on passing downs. Partnered with Chandler Jones, I think this could be the best pass rushing duo that could provide consistent pressure for years to come. P.S. I was not at all swayed by his hit on the Michigan running back.

Round 1: Pick 29

Kyle Van Noy, DE/OLB or Louis Nix III, DT

- I’m a little hesitant on Nix III because if the Patriots drafted him, they would have 3 DTs coming off major injuries and I’m waiting on Armstead. Besides that, I think he could be a Wilfork lite and Pro Baller. Van Noy, both of these guys have great names btw which is a good predictor of star power, can be another rotational pass rusher because it’s important to have fresh guys going after the QB. Dee Ford is another possibility here, because he also has a great name, (if you’re asking what’s in a name; wait until the end) The thing I really like about him is his coverage abilities, according to these draft scouts he’s regarded as one of the safest pick at OLB and he can be paired up with or fill in for Collins against the more pass happy teams.

Round 2: Pick 1

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE

- If he is not available here, trade out of this pick and move back in the draft and pick up another TE or for next years draft. I’ve read some of the fanposts and if I recall people really like this guy for this team. I think he could be a very good backup to Gronk and a solid starter when Gronk goes down. I am a little bit worried about his thug life but if he clears the Patriots background check then I’m all for it.

Round 2: Pick 29

Dion Bailey, S or Craig Loston, S

- The Patriots like to play 2 deep safeties so I’m not sure if these safeties are the right fit but I think they provide the strength needed at the Strong Safety position. I especially like them during run downs and rotate them out during passing downs with one of the other safeties like Duron.

Round 4

Keith McGill, CB

- The Patriots are pretty solid all around but I think they need certain players for specific situations now. He’s a big and tall CB that can be matched with the bigger wide receivers or pass catching TEs. I don’t think he’s a starter but can be valuable in certain instances where a WR is too big for a CB to cover or a TE that is too fast for a LB to cover like Julius Thomas and Vernon Davis, obviously for not too many plays.

Round 6

Logan Thomas, QB

- In this scenario, the Patriots traded one of their 6th round pick and with the other one they pick Thomas. If Brett Smith falls to here, I think they should definitely pick him up otherwise get Logan. He’s a big QB with a mix between Cam Newton and Tim Tebow (if Broncos put Tebow in during the Super Bowl Big Game, assuming they pick him up again right before the game, 90 times out 100 they would win). I highly doubt the Patriots pick him. However he provides the size and speed needed for this new NFL where the QB needs to more mobile and likely to make plays with their feet, he was also originally recruited as a TE so there’s that versatility factor.. I also think the Patriots are transitioning back towards the run game with a dominant defense. If Brady goes down, this guy can become really good at handing the ball off to the myriad of backs or run with the ball himself. I don’t think any of the QB’s this year is that good so I would wait until next year or unless one of the higher projected QB’s fall to find the heir apparent to Brady.

Round 7

Ryan Hewitt, FB

- I actually really like Hewitt. I watched a lot of Stanford games and he’s very reliable. He’s a big guy and he has good hands. Ryan also played a big part in blocking for the Stanford backs and he can pass block well enough. He can also be used as a TE in some cases. Devlin and Hewitt could battle it out during training camp and winner gets to high five Brady.


Dri Archer, ATH/ST

- If this guy doesn’t get drafted, the Patriots should pick him up. In my scenario, Edelman doesn’t get resigned so this guy can handle the returning duties. He is fast and he is versatile. Problems are injury issues and size.

Silas Redd, RB

- Not much to say here, he was injured near the end of USC’s season. He could be an interesting prospect.

*It’s letters, the answer to the question above. These players all have great names that could easily transition into great nicknames and, deep down, isn’t that what really matters?


• Did not address the Oline, again

• Reaching for most of these guys

• Thomas not a real long term viable QB

• No Heir to Wilfork (I picked Van Noy, sorry)

• No Heir to Brady


• Hall of Fame caliber DE with a name like CLOWNEY

• Great names

• Addressed needs

• Versatile Players (even Thomas)

• Defense could be best in conference

If anyone is still here after the first article and after this draft, thank you. The holes mentioned by many for the Patriots heading into the off season were pass rusher, offensive line, coverage linebacker, safety, and tight end. I addressed most of these problems through this draft.

• Next up, Modifications and Projections.

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