Meet Ole Miss WR Donte Moncrief

He is one of the most underrated prospects in the entire draft.



Standing in at 6'2, 221 lbs, Moncrief is a bonafide big play height/weight/speed #1 WR who put up awesome numbers in the toughest conference in college football. The man is a beast. The first thing that stands out when you turn on the tape is his breakaway speed. No one will confuse him for Ted Ginn Jr, but he clearly has enough speed to consistently run away from CBs which is surprising considering how big he is. His breakaway runs are reminiscent of Jerry Rice (NOTE: He is NOT Jerry Rice). He's a smooth route runner, has strong hands, has ample speed to challenge D's vertically, and enough size to outmuscle smaller DBs. He's been extremely productive for Ole Miss, despite have some of the worst QB play in the SEC and getting consistent matched up with the other team's #1 CB. This guy has loads of upside, and when it's all said and done could be among the best WRs drafted in this class. But enough of my take, what do the scouts say?


Outside the numbers, there aren't many receivers as dangerous with the football in the air. Moncrief's thick frame, deceptive speed and smooth route-running make him a nightmare for cornerbacks. He does not possess the explosive moves of Southern Cal's Marqise Lee or Clemson's Sammy Watkins but might be a better player than either of them. Fearless in the middle of the field, catches the ball in traffic, and can be dangerous after the catch as well. Very good functional strength and power. Saw nearly every defense's best cover man yet still had good production. Has experience running the full route tree at Ole Miss. Runs hard after the catch and is strong enough to break an occasional tackle attempt. Smooth runner and accelerates to top speed quickly, which makes him dangerous enough that defensive backs have to respect his ability to get over the top of the defense. Gives a strong effort as a blocker and displays the technique to continue to excel in this area in the pros. Is sudden in his breaks, showing the ability to generate separation even against tight man coverage, and accelerates quickly, often leaving defenders in his dust on double-moves. Tracks the ball well especially on deeper routes and generally shows excellent hands (one drop vs. Texas), as well as the body control to make the dazzling grab. Finished the season strong with all five of his 100-yard performances coming in Ole Miss' final nine contests


Is fast, but isn’t a true burner. Might have difficulty taking the top off a defense at the next level. Needs to commit himself to learning the fundamentals of running routes as a possession receiver. Could be more physical. Average elusiveness and open-field electricity. Had his share of drops this season and showed he could be contained -- seven games of 60 yards or less as a junior. Tends to trap some throws against his body, needs to use hands better and more consistently.Does not always play to his size -- gets outmuscled for "50-50" balls and is still coming into his own as a dependable go-up-and-get-it guy. Frequently failed to get on the same page with his quarterback in terms of depth and timing of routes; it wasn't always necessarily his fault, but its an issue worth inquiring about. Isn't exceptional in any one area.

NFL Comparison: Josh Gordon

Game Tape:

Auburn 13'

Georgia Tech 13'

Arkansas 13'

The thing I like most about Moncrief is he's not highly rated at all! He's slated to be a 3rd to 4th round pick and depending on his forty, could slip to the 5th. If this was any other draft he's be a 2nd to late 1st round pick, but since every body and their mother that could declare has declared this year, the draft is just full of talented underclassmen at his position. People are calling this the deepest draft in recent memory. He's rated on nfldraftscout as the 15th best in this group. That's how deep this draft is. The patriots aren't in immediate need of a WR, but if this guy is still waiting there in the 4th round, I'd pounce on em. He isn't a sure thing plug in and play guy like I called Allen last year, but he would be too good to pass up on if he's available in the 4th.

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