The Patriots: A New Ring?

Part 3: On To The Next One

Heading into training camp, the Patriots will definitely sign some camp bodies and evaluate some other players. Here’s two that might be interesting.

-Colt McCoy, QB

-They will probably need another QB and if I had to pick one in FA that might still be out there at this time, I’d say Colt is the guy.

-Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR

-A WR that can’t catch but has all the measurables and is pretty good on ST.


Training Camp

Here’s what I think the roster should look like at the beginning of training camp.

If you are wondering where I got all these players, then check out my first two articles.

-Part 1

-Part 2


QB: Brady McCoy Thomas

RB: Ridley MJD Vereen Bolden

FB: Hewitt

WR1: Dobson Thompkins Harrison

WR2: Amendola Boyce Moe

TE: Gronk ASJ Hoo-Man

LT: Solder Svitek

LG: Mankins Kline

C: Center Wendell

RG: Cannon Barker

RT: Vollmer Zusevics


DE: Cha. Jones Clowney Bequette

DE/OLB: Ninkovich Collins Van Noy

DT1: Wilfork Siliga Chr. Jones

DT2: Kelly Armstead Vellano

LB: Mayo Hightower

CB1: Talib Green

CB2: Dennard Ryan

CB3: Arrington McGil

FS: McCourty T. Wilson

SS: Loston Harmon

Special Teams

K: Ghost

P: Allen

KR/PR: Archer

Gunner: Slater Bey

LS: Aiken


The Patriots will finish 12(+/- 1) – 4(+/-1) with the first seed. They will face the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game and win to get to the Big Game. I’m not saying I’m a fortune teller but I read fortune cookies so it’s basically the same thing.

Post Combine Thoughts

It seems Dri Archer is definitely going to be someone teams look at, so the chances the Patriots get him are unlikely. Clowney’s draft stock could have also rose so the trade (crazy, but is it really?) that I proposed might need some tinkering. I still have no clue about the Oline, but some other skilled guys showed up. Fiedz and Moncrief, to me, rose up the draft boards.

Poll Results

About 46% of the people polled said that Tom could appear in 1 more SuperBowl while 31% said he would appear in two, out of 59 votes total.

I think Tom could appear in two more Super Bowls and win 1 out of those two. I do believe the next QB for the Patriots is in the 2016 draft class, not going to say any names but I might be declaring for the draft in 2016. Is there a connection there? Maybe.

Out of 58 votes, the highest said that the most important QB attribute was great hair (29%). The next three in order: clutch genes (24%), pocket presence (21%) and game managing (19%) were all pretty close.

Some commenters mentioned "hot girlfriend" as one of the important items. I guess McCarron, Bortles, Carr and Manziel has that part covered. Yes, I made sure to check.

Final thoughts

It will take some time before everyone gels together but I think near the end of the season, the Patriots could conceivably have one of the best defenses in the league for years to come. The defense seems like it could be set for a couple years. The skilled positions on offense also seem to be coming together. They just need to get a franchise QB which I assume is really easy and can be had in the 6th round. Some positions of interest could also be the OLINE and DT position. However, I think the Patriots are going to be contenders every single year like they have been for over a decade. Thanks for taking the time to read these articles even though they might be a little whacky.

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